30 terms

Chemistry Lab Equipment

Scale or Balance
Used to find out the mass/weight of an object.
A wide cylindrical glass vessel with a pouring lip, used as a laboratory container and mixing jar. (50 mL 100 mL, 300 mL, 1,000 mL, 2,000 mL)
Bunsen Burner
Produces hot flame, mixture of das and air used for heating, sterilization and combustion
Spark Lighter
Used to light Bunsen Burner
Weighing Dish
Used to assist in finding out how heavy something is on the balance/scale.
Used to transport a measured volume of liquid.
Pipestem Triangle
Used to support a crucible when on a ring and being heated by Bunsen Burner.
Crucible and Cover
Used to heat small quantities to a very high temperature.
Crucible Tongs
Used to hold something over a flame.
Heating/Stirring Plate
Used to heat materials and glass containers that hold liquids.
Magnetic Stir Bar
Used to stir a liquid mixture or solution.
Used for accurate fluid dispensing and measurement in experiments.
Erlenmeyer Flask
A conical laboratory flask with a broad, flat base and a short, narrow neck, used to hold liquids and observe chemical reactions. (125mL, 200 mL, 500 mL)
Volumetric Flask
Used to measure very precisely one specific volume of liquid. (100 mL, 250 mL)
Used for guiding liquid or power into a small opening.
Graduated Cylinder
Used to accurately measure the volume of an object. (10mL, 25 mL, 50 mL, 100 mL)
Pipet Bulb
Used for measuring precise volumes of liquid.
Volumetric Pipet
Used to drawn solution
Pipet Filler
Used to draw liquid into a laboratory pipette and to create a partial vacuum above the fluid.
Ring Clamp
Used to hold test tube or glass container in lab.
Ring Stand
Used to support ring clamp.
Used to take small quantities of solid chemicals.
Used to indicate temperature.
Test Tube
Used to hold small amounts of material or chemicals for laboratory testing or experiments
Test Tube Clamp
Used to hold test tube while heating to not get burned.
Watch Glass
Used as beaker cover and to evaporate water from a wet chemical.
Wire Gauze
Used to support a container during heating.
Evaporating Dish
A small ceramic dish used to heat liquids over a flame so they evaporate and leave a residue.
Büchner Funnel
Used for filtration and separating solids and liquids.
Filter Flask
A flask used in the laboratory for filtering by suction/vacuum. (500 mL)