So You Want to be an Interpret Ch 1

The communication Process
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HedgesQualifiers that weaken the statement being made. Ex: I guess you could do it. I'm sort of hungry.HesitationsFillers preceding and during an utterance. Ex: Like, you know...I was wondering...uh...if you could like me.IntensifiersUnnecessary modifiers added to an utterance which obscures the message. Ex: It's truly an absolute honor to meet you!Tag QuestionsQuestions tacked onto the end of a statement. Ex: She did a good job, didn't she?DisclaimersQualifying phrases which weaken the validity of the statement being made. Ex: I'm not sure but I think we could move on.Registers Determine what?-Turn-taking & interaction -Complexity and completeness of sentence structure -Choice of vocabulary -Use of contractions (I'd, She's, He's) -Volume of speech or size of signs -Rate (speed) -Clarity -Speakers goals -Use of fillers and hesitations (Er, Umm, Uhh) -Allowable topics of discussionFrozen Text RegisterOne that is the same each time is it rendered. Ex: Lord's Prayer, poems, national anthem) - Typically used in weddings, funerals, sports events & religious ceremonies -The meaning is often found more in the ritual surroundings the words or signs used -There is no turn-taking -The presentation is slowed slightly and signs and speech are more clearly enunciated -Signs are produced in a larger signing spaceFormal Register-Used in settings such as sports arenas, auditoriums, theaters & churches -There's a physical separation between the speaker & the audience -Virtually no informal or spontaneous turn-taking -Vocabulary tends to be compound & complex -Speaker enunciates articulationConsultative Register-One-on-one or small group interactions -Includes patients, lawyers & clients, teachers & students -Slang and informal utterances are generally not acceptable -Turn-taking varies depending on the person of status -Usually some kind of physical distanceInformal or Casual Register-Participants involved have equal status (neighbors, co-workers, students, colleagues) -Run-on sentences & informal exchanges. Slang and improper grammar is used -Turn-taking is much more fluid (finishing each other's sentences) -Physical touch & distance is fairly close -Interaction is more rapid & enunciation and production is lessenedIntimate Register-Takes places between individuals who have a shared history (ex: inside jokes) -Incomplete sentences and rapid turn-taking happens here -Finish each other's sentences