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Police pulling drivers over and giving prizes for buckling up.


Suspending a basketball player for committing a flagrant foul.


A soccer player rolls her eyes at a teammate who delivered a bad pass.


A child snaps her fingers until her teacher calls on her, and then she stops.

snapping: child PPUN's teacher

A hospital patient is allowed extra visiting time after
eating a complete meal.


Receiving a city utility discount for participating in a
recycling program.


Grounding a teenager until his or her homework is finished.

grounding: parent NPUN's child

Scolding a child for playing in the street.


A prisoner loses TV privileges for one week for a rule


A parent nagging a child to clean up her room.


A rat presses a lever to terminate a shock or a loud tone.


A professor gives extra credit to students with perfect attendance.


A dog is banished to his doghouse after soiling the living room carpet.


A defendant is harassed and tortured until he confesses.


A young child receives $5 for earning good grades in


A mother smiles when her child utters "Mama".


A child is put into "time out" for misbehaving.


Employee of the month gets a reserved parking space.


At a party, a husband becomes sullen when his wife flirts with a colleague.


A woman watching a football game offers her child candy when the child plays quietly


An awake child is laid down in their bed at bedtime,
starts to cry, and then stops when the parent picks them up. (Does the parent tend to pick up the child in the future when it's crying? If so, why?)

child crying is PPUN of parent
parent picking up child is PR of crying
child stopping crying is NR of picking up

A child is displays several behaviors that signal they are out of control, is sent to their room, settles down, and is allowed to resume playing. (Does the parent tend to use time-outs in the future to control their child's behavior? If so, why?)

child sent to room is NPUN
child settling down is NR of being sent to room
child being allowed to play is PR of settling down

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