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Separable phrasal verbs in Lower Intermediate, взято у

call up

to make a phone call

check out/check over

to investigate

clean up

to clean

do over/do again

to repeat

figure out

to solve

fill in/fill out

to write in

fill up

to fill to the top

fill up

to fill a car with gas

give back

to return

give out/hand out

to give to each person

give up

to stop; to quit

leave out

to omit

look up

to search for information

make up

to tell an untrue story

pick up

to lift up

pick up

to go and meet

pick out

to choose

put on

to wear clothes

take off

to remove clothes

try on

to check the size and style

talk over

to discuss

throw away/throw out

to discard

put away

to tidy

turn on

to open

turn off

to close

turn up

to make bigger

turn down

to make smaller

wake up

to awaken

wash up

to wash your hands or body

use up

to finish

tow away

to take your car away

put out

to extinguish

try out

to test

take away

to remove

take down

to write down

think over

to consider

put in

to insert

pack up

to put your things in a suitcase or bag

put off/postpone

to change to a later dater

break up/break off

to separate

break up

to break

break down

to stop working

show around

to give a tour

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