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Describe Sati Among Indian Women

Widows throwing themselves on their husbands burning funeral pyre

Describe U.S approach to sex research

Problem driven and underfunded

Gender roles are the most signifcant way that sexual identity is formed T/F


Which theory attriubtes much of our gender role development to thinking that a boy is strong and a girl is pretty.

Gender Schema

What statement does margret mead famous discussion about the Tchambuli tribe of New Guninea provide for

Human culture can transcend biology

Evolution theory claims we eneter a sexual relationship to

Pass on our genes

In 2010 who is the most likely primary breadwinner of the family

A low class white female

Homosocial Play is


What is a characteristic of Gay man's speech

Wide pitch range, use of hands, more adjectives

Masters and Johnsons gathered sexuality data primarly thorugh case stuides T/F


Why is Morton Hunt's research not considered generalizble

He only included people with phone numbers

How did the femnist movement contriubute to the development of womens sexuality

It advocated for sexual satisfaction among women

Where is sexuality research lacking


In the 19th centuray research was focused on postive aspects of sexuality T/F


Describe Plataonic

A loving freindship devoid of sexual feelings

Cognitive deveolpment theory suggests that gender attidues change preditbly as children get older because

Children passes through stages of realted to their abilty to process information

Important charactersitc of active listening

Non-verbal communacation

19th centuray cure for hysetria

A vibrator

A ststement that fits queer theory

sexual orentation categories lead to limited views of sexuality

When humans walked upright how did sexuality changes

the sensual aspect of intercourse becamse more important

Describe the view of women in the Victorian era

Virtious, Delicate, Fraglie, refined

Which theory suggests that we use learn gender roles from the same system of rewards and punishment

Social Learning

Name a finding from masetrs and johnsons experimetns

Women are capabale of multiple orgasims

Something that is true about gender roles in adolecsences

Girls have more latitude witht their behavior

Where is a person's gaze during conversation

Eyes, nose and mouth of the other person

How does being asked the same question in different ways affect your resuslts

Increases realabilty

The purpose of miscegation laws was to make what illegal?

Interracial sex

Whats a potential benfit of online communcation

Physical characteristcs are less important

What kinf of person would be least likely to follow gender steotypes

A African American female

Amenorrhea is what?

A condition in which females experience excessive flow during menstration

What kind of people are good at decoding non verbal communication

Middle aged women

What do Maltz and Borker suggest related to head nodding in conversations inbetween men and women

Men and women have different meanings with head nodding

Female orgamsimc abilty varies from culture to culture T/F


Early Christianty did not lead to

An apprecation of erotisicm in women

What repsonsible for for the level of body dissatifaction in the US


Is it true that male fetus miscarry more often?


Gender roles are fundamentaly inate T/F


Who would label homsexuality as patholigcal

Richard Von- Krafft

Describe goals of sexuality research

Improved collabartion between researches and various discples

What did Freud believe takes place during the phallic stage of development

Girls deveolp penis envy

Gottman found that the ratio of postive and negative interactions in a relationship is what?

Goes down as couples experience distress

Couples who talk about sexualtiy related issues report higher levels of satisfactions T/F


Being clothed and wrapped in sheets is called what?


During the Reinissance, socity turned fronm looking at people to looking at gods T/F


What style of communication do people tend to perfer when they want to discuss stargeriges or learn more about a topic?


What is important about the Stonewall Riot of 1969

The gay community resisted the police brutality during a raid at a NY bar

Girl taking virginity pledge is more likely to

Have an unplanned birth

Conjugal loves means the same thing as companiote love T/F


What part of the uterus is kinda tore during menstruation


Opposites atrract is true T/F


Being willing to do anything for her is what part of rubins love scale


Area of tissue between the vagina and the anus is called


Example in text that how a couples score on rubins love scale correlates with behavior

Probality that they will get married

When a male begins to produce sperm, when will he ejaculate viable sperm

Within the next 1-2 years

What female sex organ sits the Labia Majora and joins together to form the prepuce

Labia Minora

Luke is at the age where is asking where he came from and how are babies made. What age is he?


What part of a man expands to regulate the temperature of the testicles

Cremaster muscle

A person is more likely to be jealous when their partner is filiriting with someone that has similiar charateristics T/F


Age and relationship length are both positively related to intamiacy and commitment T/F


Which theory of love are we likely to be attracted to we think likes us

Cognitive theory

A boy is aking why do some gilrs have bigger boobs and do dudes get periods. What age is he?


Somewhere where surgical removal of the clitoris is practiced, what is reason for such a procedure

Culture and tradition

Describe the Labia Majora

Two folds of fatty tissue that extend from the mons venerius to the perinum

A man has a bumb in his scrotum because he was lifiting heavey boxes, whats wrong with him

Inguinal hernia

Which stage of the menstrual cycle does the endometrium reach its maximum thinknes in prep to receive and nourish a fertalized egg


Researchers have found the role of ones parents have in their to form relationships

People who did not experience intamicy may have trouble showing it later on

Research has found what has been related in ethnic differences to PMS

The types of symptoms experienced

The group of people a person may be attracted to is called what?

Field of eligbles

A reason girls experience sexual contact sooner than dudes

Girls tend to date older boys

term to refer to breasts enlargement in males


Whats the 18inch tube that carries sperm from the testicles to mix with other seminal fluids

Vas Defrenes

Someones mom smoked during their pregancy. and was born prematurely and need surgery for undescended tests when he is 9 months old, what condition does he have


Overall sperm count in men is dropping T/F


Which characteristic of the penis serves a relation to sperm competion

Coronal Ridge

Is the cervix part of the vulva?


Is it true that teens in long time relationships are less likely to use contraceptives


What factor has been found to decrease the negative effect of the divorce

If a child has a good relationship with one parent

The uterus is a thin walled organ that engorges with blood during arrousal T/F


What does the Instead Softcup do?

Holds back menstrual fluid during sexual activity

What is the Quincero in Latino Culture

A time to celebrate a girls transition into adolcesnece

There is a strong colleration between intimacy and the ability to do what


Primary function of the mons vernis is to?

Protect the gentials during intercourse

A gril asks how far to gon a date and why premarital sex is bad


People use body language to reveal their level of attraction when meeting someone for the first time T/F


Which statement describes typical abstinence only sexuality education programs

They promote abisitence and leave out info about anatomy and preach about STI's

Whats true about peers influencing others about sexual behaviors

A persons perception of what a peer is doing has a greater influence than peer's actual behavior

The finding that gay men are more likely then heterosexual men to belive that sharing your thoughts with the one you love is a good thing can be based off what?

They adopt less gender stereotypes

Which theory of love is based on that we want to fall in love someone with good traits that would be passed to your children


A 21 year old man get cancer in his reproductive organs, based on age what does he have


Primary function of the fimbriae

Direct the ova from the ovaries to the fallopian tubes

will drinking help with menstrual cramping


What decribes genital touching and infancy

is common and should not be discouraged

Girls have growth spurts before boys


Fertility pills increase the chance of multipile births T/F


Who is expected to partake in binge drinking and thoughts of suicide

a middle age bisexual male

Term for committing homosexual acts because there is no other option with intents to return to heterosexual acts when given the chance (think Jail)

Situation Homosexuality

Correlation between finical status and cohabitation rates

Increase in cohabitation when one partner is unemployed

Homophobia is

Negative attitude towards homosexuals and homosexuality

When a zygote implants outside of the uterus is called an ectopic pregancy T/F


Drinking during first trimester has not been proven to harmful T/F


Couples who wait to have sex report

Better relationship outcomes

Term to describe the assumption that straight and will get a long term relationship


Race is more imporatnt than relgion when it comes to dating T/F


A statement that best describes problems during childbirth

If a child is in the breech position, C-Section is the most common option

Percent of heterosexual couples that live toegther before marriage


Most important factor someone has to recover from a break-up

The amount of social support

During what phase of the Sexual response cycle is a man most likely to lose his boner because of distractions


What happens during the final stage of labor

Placenta expulsion

Is it true that divorce rates are lower other countires when compared to the U.S in 2005


Good sex bodes well for short term relationship satisfactions but is not a predictor for long term


How does the Gift procedure differ from the IVF

GIFT implants ova and sperm into the womens body while IVF are transferred after body fertilization

Most frequent sexual techinguq among gay men


His miscarriage been linked to cigarette use during pregnancy?


When looking at sex outside of a marriage compare to other countires

Only about 5% of countires are strict about not having sex outside of your marriage

What percent of variance in sexual preference comes from genes?


Does mircosorting and genetic embryo testing allow one to pick sex of an embryo?


Critics of Masters and Johnsons 4-phase model of the sexual response cycle believe it focus's to much on what?


Is it more likely for a black women to be in mixed race marriages more often the black males and mirror image is true with asians?


When can fetal heartbeat be heard with a sethoscope

9-10 weeks

Higher percentage of married men over women that are over 65 years old


When was it legal to partciapte in interracial dating

the late 1960s

A series of contractions charterize an orgasm


Is it true that labor induction should be perfomred in order to prevent complications


in 2011 Fb relationships include civil union and domestic partnership true/false


The number of ecotopic pregancies has been increasing in the U.S, Why?

Increase in pelvic inflammatory disease caused by chalymida infection

Practice in South Africa used to correct women from being lesian?

Corrective Rape

Defense of marriage states what is a spouse?

A person of the opposite sex

Physiological research related to sexeal oreientation has focused on what?

Finger Length patterns

Only humans jack off T/F


Who is most likely to report the higest level of marital satisfaction

A white male

What shaped the harsh ideas about homosexuality in the early american colonies?

The Purticanical orgins of early settlers

Name of increase in blood flow to the genitals during the first phase of the sexual response cycle


Studies of biological differences in sexual orientation has lead to what conclusion?

Biology interacts with social inluences in prediciting homosexuality

Masturbation rates stay steady over life T/F


Who is more likely to initiate divorce

The woman

How long would it take for a 40 year old women to be considred to infertile while trying to get pregnant

6 months

Kaplan's model of sexual response believes sexual response starts with a

physiological component

What has been a win for gays during the Obama administration

Repeal of DOn't ask Don't tell

Hormone pregancy tests detect to determine pregancy


One criticism of the current theories that attempt to explain sexual orientation

They ignore bisexuality

Womens sexual identity is more fluid then mens T/F


What is colostrum

A thick yellow fluid secreted from the nipples full of protein and antibodies after delivery

Paraphililiacs have a variety of characteristics that make them a homogenous group T/F


Pateints perfer cialis over viagra befcause it lasts longer T/F


Which theory claims that an adults fascination with sadomachism (having an erection while getting spanked)


Describe most S&M encounters

They involved planned out behaviors and there tends not to be injuries

STI rates are higher in Bisexual women then Lesbians T/F


The HPV vaccine is best given one year after the onset of the sexual activity T/F


Extended cycle birth control pills are designed to reduce what?

The number of menstrual cycles in a given year

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