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  1. head of government
  2. statism in Russia
  3. CPRF
  4. nomenklatura
  5. mafia
  1. a The Communist Party of the Russian Federation, it is the second-strongest party. The party emphasizes centralized planning and nationalism, and implies an intention to regain territories lost when the Soviet Union broke apart.
  2. b criminal conspiracy, organized crime
  3. c the process of filling influential jobs in the state, society, or the economy with people approved and chosen by the Communist Party.
  4. d Russians would rather have a strong state to protect them over civil liberties
  5. e Prime Minister

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  1. Popularly-elected lower house of the legislature
  2. rule by a few for the good of the many
  3. Russians did not generally have a lot of privacy free of state control, unlike the West. There are a limited number of private organizations.
  4. An emphasis on freedom of speech and press started by Gorbachev
  5. Russia was defeated in this war in the mid-1800s. It convinced many that the tsars were moving Russia backward and needed reform.

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  1. market-based socialismAllowing a significant infusion of capitalism into the socialist system.


  2. boyarsMembers of the Russian aristocracy


  3. White ArmyArmy led by former Russian military leaders in the 1918 Civil War. They were supported by the Allied Powers.


  4. BRICHistoric autocratic rulers of Russia


  5. Marxism-LeninismChina's version of communism; it shares Marx's vision of equality and cooperation, but believes strongly in preserving China's peasant-based economy.