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  1. cultural heterogeneity in Russia
  2. Window on the West
  3. Gorbachev's three-pronged reform plan
  4. tsars
  5. bourgeoisie
  1. a Russian diversity increased as Russia expanded its borders. Very diverse
  2. b Owners of the factories and other means of production
  3. c St. Petersburg under Tsar Peter the Great, city on the Baltic Sea
  4. d Historic autocratic rulers of Russia
  5. e Gorbachev planned to save the country through his programs of glasnost, democratization, and perestroika

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  1. "lover of Slavs," tradition leads to pride in Slavic customs etc.
  2. Helped build Russia into a great empire. They took control of Poland.
  3. allocation of power throughout various political, social, and economic institutions
  4. Members of the Russian aristocracy
  5. Peasants who resisted Stalinism

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  1. Boris YeltsinFirst President of the Russian Federation and former Soviet Politburo member


  2. GosplanThe Communist Party of the Russian Federation, it is the second-strongest party. The party emphasizes centralized planning and nationalism, and implies an intention to regain territories lost when the Soviet Union broke apart.


  3. democratic centralismrule by a few for the good of the many


  4. WesternerRussians who want to follow the Western Model. Ex: Peter the Great


  5. Marxism-LeninismThe ideas of communism created by Karl Marx. It predicted the demise of the capitalist West.