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  1. Mikhail Gorbachev
  2. federal government structure
  3. democratic centralism
  4. proportional representation in Russia
  5. Dmitri Medvedev
  1. a Final Party Secretary for the Communist Party before the Russian Federation.
  2. b Government with regional and centralized components.
  3. c Russia's lower house, the Duma, is elected only on party lists, and parties can only get seats if they receive 7% or more of the national votes.
  4. d Current president of the Russian Federation
  5. e rule by a few for the good of the many

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  1. The communist political ideology that gave legitimacy to the rule of the Communist Party. It combined Marxism with Lenin's democratic centralism
  2. Party secretary following Stalin's demise. He started the process of de-Stalinization.
  3. the process of filling influential jobs in the state, society, or the economy with people approved and chosen by the Communist Party.
  4. A term coined by economist Goldman Sachs in 2001 for the fast-growing economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China. They held a summit in June, 2009.
  5. Speech given by Krushchev in which he unveils a letter written by Lenin critical of Stalin's policies, particularly the purges

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  1. perestroikaRegional assemblies started by Tsar Alexander II


  2. general secretaryA powerful CPSU head


  3. conflict in ChechnyaThe largely Muslim population of this region in the Caucasus has been fighting for its independence


  4. Confederation of Independent StatesAn organization that weakly unites the fifteen former republics of the Soviet Union.


  5. boyarsMembers of the Russian aristocracy