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  1. Peter the Great
  2. New Economic Policy
  3. Mikhail Gorbachev
  4. Red Army
  5. proportional representation in Russia
  1. a Final Party Secretary for the Communist Party before the Russian Federation.
  2. b Russian Tsar from 17th and 18th Centuries who was the first "Westernizer." Tried to modernize Russia on the western model
  3. c Communist forces led by Lenin in the 1918 Civil War
  4. d Russia's lower house, the Duma, is elected only on party lists, and parties can only get seats if they receive 7% or more of the national votes.
  5. e Started by Lenin in 1920, it allowed for private ownership under centralized leadership.

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  1. Book written by Karl Marx stating his interpretation of history and vision for the future. He saw capitalism as an economic system that exploited workers and increased the gap between rich and poor. Believed eventually in a proletariat revolution
  2. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation, it is the second-strongest party. The party emphasizes centralized planning and nationalism, and implies an intention to regain territories lost when the Soviet Union broke apart.
  3. The ideas of communism created by Karl Marx. It predicted the demise of the capitalist West.
  4. Speech given by Krushchev in which he unveils a letter written by Lenin critical of Stalin's policies, particularly the purges
  5. Created the publicly-elected office of President, held in check by the Duma. It created a three-branch government. It is a semipresidential system and has a Constitutional Court

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  1. Liberal DemocratsRussian Tsar from 17th and 18th Centuries who was the first "Westernizer." Tried to modernize Russia on the western model


  2. social mobilityThe two-pronged program of collectivization and industrialization. Executed with force and brutality by central planning


  3. collective farmsThe collecting of private industry under government ownership and control


  4. Vladimir PutinSecond president of the Russian Federation, although he stepped down after his second term, he remains an influence through his position as PM


  5. collectivizationLarge farms owned and run by the state


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