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  1. Liberal Democrats
  2. politburo
  3. BRIC
  4. vanguard of the revolution
  5. cultural heterogeneity in Russia
  1. a a group of revolutionary leaders who could provoke a revolution in non-capitalist Russia
  2. b A term coined by economist Goldman Sachs in 2001 for the fast-growing economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China. They held a summit in June, 2009.
  3. c Third-largest party in Russia, and the most controversial... They are anti-semitic, and want to nuke Japan.
  4. d Russian diversity increased as Russia expanded its borders. Very diverse
  5. e The group of around a dozen men who ran the country, They were the heart and soul of the Communist Party.

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  1. Stalin's ambitious goals for production in heavy industry
  2. Regional assemblies started by Tsar Alexander II
  3. China's version of communism; it shares Marx's vision of equality and cooperation, but believes strongly in preserving China's peasant-based economy.
  4. The ideas of communism created by Karl Marx. It predicted the demise of the capitalist West.
  5. Members of the Russian aristocracy

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  1. glasnostHistoric autocratic rulers of Russia


  2. Vladimir ZhirinovskyOriginal leader of the Bolsheviks and first ruler of Communist Russia


  3. collective farmsThe collecting of private industry under government ownership and control


  4. Gennady ZyuganovLeader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation


  5. market-based socialismThe communist political ideology that gave legitimacy to the rule of the Communist Party. It combined Marxism with Lenin's democratic centralism