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  1. Boris Berezovsky
  2. Vladimir Zhirinovsky
  3. statism in Russia
  4. Slavophile
  5. secret speech
  1. a "lover of Slavs," tradition leads to pride in Slavic customs etc.
  2. b Speech given by Krushchev in which he unveils a letter written by Lenin critical of Stalin's policies, particularly the purges
  3. c Russian who became a rich Oligarch by buying up Russian industries after the fall of Communism and the beginning of "shock therapy." He was exiled by the Russian government.
  4. d Leader of the Liberal Democrats
  5. e Russians would rather have a strong state to protect them over civil liberties

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  1. Helped build Russia into a great empire. They took control of Poland.
  2. Founded as a merger of parties to support Putin after his election in 2000. (created in April, 2001). It is the major party in the Russian Federation.
  3. Russians who want to follow the Western Model. Ex: Peter the Great
  4. A powerful CPSU head
  5. The two-pronged program of collectivization and industrialization. Executed with force and brutality by central planning

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  1. Vladimir LeninOriginal leader of the Bolsheviks and first ruler of Communist Russia


  2. YablokoThe reformist party that best stands for pro-democracy. Led by Grigori Yavlinski, it does best with the intellectuals.


  3. near abroadThose foreign countries that are close to Russia, particularly former Warsaw Pact and USSR members.


  4. MarxismHistoric autocratic rulers of Russia


  5. Window on the WestRussian Tsar from 17th and 18th Centuries who was the first "Westernizer." Tried to modernize Russia on the western model