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  1. vanguard of the revolution
  2. Catherine the Great
  3. Marxism-Leninism
  4. Alexander Lebed
  5. decrees
  1. a A prominent former general who gathered a following before the 1996 election and had to be courted by Yeltsin so that Boris could remain President.
  2. b Helped build Russia into a great empire. They took control of Poland.
  3. c a group of revolutionary leaders who could provoke a revolution in non-capitalist Russia
  4. d The communist political ideology that gave legitimacy to the rule of the Communist Party. It combined Marxism with Lenin's democratic centralism
  5. e Orders from the President or leader.

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  1. Led by Martov, they were communists who broke off from Lenin at the turn of the 20th century. They were generally for a larger group of revolutionaries than were the Bolsheviks.
  2. The group of around a dozen men who ran the country, They were the heart and soul of the Communist Party.
  3. the process of filling influential jobs in the state, society, or the economy with people approved and chosen by the Communist Party.
  4. Started by Lenin in 1920, it allowed for private ownership under centralized leadership.
  5. An organization that weakly unites the fifteen former republics of the Soviet Union.

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  1. Decembrist RevoltOrders from the President or leader.


  2. glasnostThe reformist party that best stands for pro-democracy. Led by Grigori Yavlinski, it does best with the intellectuals.


  3. CPRFA term coined by economist Goldman Sachs in 2001 for the fast-growing economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China. They held a summit in June, 2009.


  4. The Communist ManifestoComplete and invasive form of rule (control all aspects of life)


  5. BRICThe Communist Party of the Russian Federation, it is the second-strongest party. The party emphasizes centralized planning and nationalism, and implies an intention to regain territories lost when the Soviet Union broke apart.


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