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A physically handicapped boy is unable to participate in football, so he compensates by becoming a great scholar.


A woman drinks alcohol every day and cannot stop. Failing to acknowledge that she has a problem.


A client is angry at his physician. Does not express it, but becomes verbally abusive with the nurse.


Sue feels a strong sexual attraction to her track coach and tells her friend, "He's coming on to me."

Reaction formation

Jane hates nursing. She attended nursing school to please her parents. During career day, she speaks to prospective students about the excellence of nursing as a career.


"The test had too many trick questions; I really know all the material; our instructor is out to get me."


When 2 year old Jay is hospitalized for tonsillitis he will drink only from a bottle even though his mother states he has been drinking from a cup for 6 months.

Repression Involuntarily

An accident victim can remember nothing about his accident.


A teenager who required lengthy rehab after an accident decides to become a physical therapist as a result of his experiences.


Sue's husband is being transferred with his job to a city far away from her parents. She hides anxiety by explaining to her parents the advantages associated with the move.


The adolescent who takes on all the values and styles of an admired teacher.


Joe is nervous about his new job and yells at his wife. On his way home he stops and buys her some flowers and himself a new video game.


Scarlet Ohara says "I don't want to think about that now. I'll think about that tomorrow."


A young woman describes being attacked and raped without showing any emotion.


A mother whose son was killed by a drunk driver channels her anger and energy into being the president of the local chapter of Mothers against Drunk Drivers.

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