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The stock market reached its lowest point of the Depression era in late 1929 and then gradually inched back up, finally reaching 1928 levels by mid-1932.


The stock market reached its lowest point of the Depression era in late 1929 and then gradually inched back up, finally reaching 1928 levels by mid-1932.


Most economic historians believe that one important cause of the Great Depression was the U.S. decision early in the 1920s to forgive the debts that France and Great Britain owed to U.S. banks for loans taken out during World War I.


In 1932, during the presidential campaign, unemployment in the United States stood at about 10 percent.


Thousands of "Okies" and other families from the "Dust Bowl" region migrated to California in the 1930s


During the Great Depression several hundred thousand African Americans left the South to try to find better times in the industrial cities of the North


In general, the economic crisis of the Great Depression gave strength to the idea, if not the practice, that a woman should not hold a job outside the home if her husband was employed.


Black women in the South suffered massive unemployment because many families cut back on domestic help during the Great Depression


In general, American social values apparently changed relatively little in response to the Depression. Rather, many people responded to hard times by redoubling their commitment to familiar success-focused ideas and goals


President Herbert Hoover's first response to the Great Depression was to issue optimistic statements and meet with business leaders in an attempt to restore public confidence in the economy


President Hoover tried to help American farmers by raising tariffs on agricultural products from foreign farms


The Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC) was used by Hoover to create massive numbers of government-funded "make work" jobs for the unemployed


President Hoover's sagging popularity revived significantly in response to his support of the demands of the so-called Bonus Army


Franklin Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover worked cooperatively between the November 1932 election and the March 1933 inauguration to assure the business community that the new president would not depart from economic orthodoxy.


Four of the following statements correctly describe conditions in the stock market during the year and a half preceding the Great Crash of 1929. Which is the exception?

Most brokers required cash payment in full for stock purchases.

One of the most important causes of the Great Depression was the fact that during the 1920s

there was a fundamental maldistribution of purchasing power

In much of the 1920s, European nations were able to make their war-debt payments to the United States, and Germany and Austria were able to continue reparation payments by

getting new loans from the United States.

The stock market crash of 1929

triggered a chain of events that led to the economic crisis.

When it was first organized, how did the Farmers' Holiday Association seek to gain higher prices for farm products?

by withholding crops from the market

The dust bowl

was largely a result of farming practices on the Great Plains.

In the early 1930s, the term "Okies" referred to

dispossessed farmers fleeing the Dust Bowl.

Four of the following statements accurately describe the condition of blacks during the Great Depression. Which is the exception?

The migration of blacks to the North ended abruptly.

In the 1920s, the great majority of Hispanics in California and the American Southwest originally migrated from


One effect of the Great Depression on women was

strengthen the belief that a woman's place was in the home.

Four of the following were effects of the Great Depression on the American family. Which is the exception?

The divorce rate increased.

Popular culture during the Depression era—as manifested by radio, movies, and literature—was generally characterized by

upbeat and romantic messages as a sort of escapism.

Four of the following novels manifest an implicit protest against social injustices in then-contemporary American society. Which is the exception?

Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind (1936)

Movie attendance during the Depression

fell initially but then rose as the Depression worsened.

The popular Front

was a broad coalition of "antifascist" groups on the political Left.

The Abraham Lincoln brigade was most closely associated with

the Spanish Civil War.

The tactics pursued by the American Communist Party between 1935 and 1939 were aimed at developing a broad alliance against


For the eight years immediately before becoming president, Herbert Hoover had been the

secretary of commerce.

The purpose of the Agricultural Marketing Act, proposed by Hoover even before the Great Crash of 1929, was to

keep farm prices up

Hoover's first efforts to control the Depression focused on

voluntary cooperation by business leaders in restoring the public confidence in the economy.

Hoover's measures to deal with the Depression included support for four of the following. Which is the exception?

a large-scale federal program of direct relief to the unemployed

The Reconstruction Finance Corporation was largely ineffective in promoting recovery from the Depression because

it was underfunded and overcautious in the use of the funds it did have.

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