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Chapter 110 • Lighting System


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A luminaire is a
a) type of light reflector.
b) type of light refractor.
c) lamp ballast.
d) complete lighting unit.
An advantage of low voltage switching is
a) that local and remote control of lights is permitted.
b) the wiring does not require conduits.
c) changes are simple and economical.
d) all of the above.
In large buildings, lighting is typically _____ % of the electrical load.
a) 60
b) 50
c) 75
d) 80
Occupancy sensors which illuminate areas only when they are occupied can reduce lighting costs in areas with low occupancy and pay for themselves in less than
a) 1 year. b) 5 years. c) 2 years. d) 9 months.
In daylight conditions, the resistance of the cadmium-sulphide cell in a photocell is
a) 15 megaohms.
b) less than 1000 ohms.
c) 2500 ohms.
d) 3200 ohms.
The life safety code requires that the maximum tolerence duration allowed during a loss of power to the perimeter and security is
a) 30 seconds. b) 45 seconds. c) 60 seconds. d) 10 seconds
When designing a lighting system which of the following
should be considered?

a) initial cost
b) operating cost
c) maintenance cost
d) all of the above
e) none of the above
Ambient lighting can be improved by two types of lighting:

a) direct and indirect
b) natural and artificial
c) fluorescent and incandescent
d) reflective or refractive
Direct lighting systems

a) have a higher initial cost than indirect lighting
b) have greater glare control
c) are more energy efficient than indirect lighting
d) produce shadow free light
e) blend with the environment
When control for multiple locations is required

a) a 4-way switch is used
b) an off-on switch is used
c) two 2-way switches are used
d) three or more one-way switches are used
e) two 3-way switches and two 4-way switches are used
An advantage of low voltage switching is

a) that local and remote control of lights is permitted
b) the wiring does not require conduits
c) changes are simple and economical
d) a and b are correct
e) a, b and c are correct
Occupancy sensors are

a) semi-automatic switches
b) self-regulating switches
c) automatic switches
d) modulating switches
e) packaged switches
Most dimmer switches sold today

a) divert some current through a variable resistor
b) can be used with incandescent or fluorescent lighting
c) save most of the power not being used by the luminaire
d) can control the lighting level from 0 - 100%
e) are not cost effective as energy savers
The life safety code requires that emergency lighting be
provided for means of exit in

a) places of assembly of less than 300 people
b) all occupied spaces indoors
c) all multiple residence units
d) all educational and institutional occupancies
e) office buildings with occupancies of 300 or more people
In a "direct" lighting system all or most of the luminous intensity is:
a) directed up at the ceiling
b) reflected off the walls
c) directed down toward the work place
d) reflected off the ceiling
e) task lighting
One of the main types of illumination is:

a) emergency lighting
b) direct lighting
c) general (uniform) lighting
d) structural lighting
e) indirect lighting
The type of luminaire used in industrial warehouses and storage areas is the:

a) open reflector
b) ceiling mount wraparound
c) recessed troffer
d) structural light
e) luminaire
Occupancy sensors typically use ______ for activation.

a) loud sounds
b) ultraviolet energy
c) microwave energy
d) ultrasonic energy
e) proximity sensors