Art History 15

Donatello's David contains all the following elements EXCEPT
a bulky, masculine figure in David
Which is NOT an important development in Early Renaissance art and architecture?
the increased use of stained glass windows
Hugo's Portinri Altarpiece exhibits all of the following characteristics EXCEPT
a languid, placid style
Who authored both On Architecture and On Painting the first Renaissance text on art theory?
The Ghent Altarpiece exhibits all the following characteristics EXCEPT
the mathematically superior perspective compared to contemporary Italian works
Which Florentine painter's Adoration of the Shepherd visually attests to the influence of Northern painting on the Italian Renaissance?
Which artist may have painted himself both as the man in the Red Turban and as an observer shown in mirror's reflection n Arnolfini Portrait?
Van Eyck
Whose Birth of Venus exemplifies the Early Renaissance's renewed interest in pagan mythology?
Which artist's Descent from teh Cross is imbued with the desire of contemporary religious movements particularly associated with Thomas a Kempis, to achieve mystical communication with Christ's life and message?
Fifteenth-century Northern painting as a whole is most characterized by its
interest in meticulous and naturalistic detail
Campin's Merode Altarpiece exhibits all the following characteristics EXCEPT
a single viewpoint uniting all three panels of the triptych
Verrocchio's statue of David differed from Donatello's in that Verrochio's
is more angular and gawky
Which painter employed illusionist techniques to create immersive illusionistic environments in rooms such as the Cmaera Picta for the Ducal Palace in Mantua
Which is NOT a feature of the Rucellai Palace/
pointed window arches
Castagno's Yputhful david was painted on
a shield
Filippo Lippi's tondo of the Madonna and Child of the madonna and child with Scenes from the Life of Saint Anne contains all of the following elements EXCEPT
a rejection of spirituality in favor of monumentality
Which of the following statements about Uccello's Sir John Hawkwood is FALSE?
It condenses two narrative moments within one frame
Piero's portrait of Frederic da Montefeltro was inspired by
Roman portrait busts on ancient on ancient coins
Who designed the Rucellai Palace in the mid-fifteenth century?
In works like Piero's Annunciation, the Christian icon of the porta clausa - or "closed door" - refers to
Saint Mary's virginity
What city served as the intellectual, financial, and artistic center of Renaissance Italy throughout most of the 1400s?
To what does the term Quattrocento refer?
the fifteenth century
A competition to design a set of doors for the Florence Baptistery was supervised and judged by
the wool refiner's guild
Which highly influential Renaissance architect first gained fame as a sculptor, a career he allegedly abandoned after losing a contest to design the Florentine Baptistery doors?
Who wrote the seminal Loves of the Most eminent painters, sculptors, and Architects an important source of information about Renaissance artists?
Brunelleschi's architectural works exhibited all the following qualities EXCEPT
the use of complex mathematical ratios based on musical properties
Which artist is credited with the Italian invention of linear or one-point perspective?
Masaccio's Holy Trinity for the church of Santa Maria Novella contains all the following elements EXCEPT
a Byzantine fondness for complex and exotic imagery
How does the technique of chiaroscuro suggest volume?
through gradations in light and shade
Whose Procession and Adoration of the magi for an altarpiece demonstrates the continuing influence of Byzantine and International Gothic styles in Italian art even after the Renaissance had begun?