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The idea proposed by Alfred Wegener to explain the continental shapes and positions is know as ________

continental drift

The work of geologists over the years had supported Wegner's contention that current continental masses were assembled into a super continent, which Wegner called ________


Which of the following lines of evidence supporting continental drift did Wegner not use when he first proposed his hypothesis?

The apparent polar wandering of the magnetic north pole

_______ is the process through which oceanic crust splits and moves apart along mid ocean ridge and new oceanic crust forms.

sea floor spreading

_______ technology has allowed scientists to measure movement of continental crust

global positioning system (gps)

At a _______, to lithospheric plates slide past one another horizontally

transform fault boundary

At a _______, oceanic crust is consumed back into the asthenophere

subduction zone boundary

At a _______, new oceanic crust forms along mid ocean ridges

divergent boundary

A _______ is a convergent margin along which subduction is no longer active and high mountain ranges are formed

continental collision boundary

_______ is the horizontal movement and mutual interaction of large fragments of earths lithosphere

plate tectonics

Largest record of earthquake have occurred at _______

subduction zone boundaries

What term best describes the driving source behind plate tectonics?


According to the elastic rebound model, earthquakes are caused by the _______

sudden release of elastic energy stored in rocks

_______ can provide a good idea of which regions are at risk for severe earthquakes

long-term forecasting

Which of the following are true of body waves?

they move through the earth interior

Which of the following is true of seismic waves reaching discontinuity inside the earths interior?

all of the above answers are correct

earths mantle is composed of _______, which surrounds a(n) _______ core

rock that contains iron- and magnesium -silicate minerals, molten iron-nickel

The asthenophere is a layer whose distinctiveness from the rest of the mantle is based on its _______

reduced rigidity

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