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  1. macromolecule
  2. exergonic
  3. endergonic
  4. villi
  5. phospholipid
  1. a A nonspontaneous chemical reaction in which free energy is absorbed from the surroundings
  2. b A fingerlike projection of the inner surface of the small intestin
  3. c A giant molecule formed by the joining of smaller molecules, usually by a condensation reaction
  4. d A spontaneous chemical reaction in which there is a net release of free energy
  5. e A molecule that is a constituent of the inner bilayer of biological membranes, having a polar, hydrophilic head and a nonpolar, hydrophobic tail

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  1. secretes digestive enzymes and does a lot of other stuff
  2. The energy stored by matter as a result of its location or spatial arrangement
  3. The subunit that serves as the building block of a polymer
  4. The number of protons in the nucleus of an atom, unique for each element and designated by a subscript to the left of the elemental symbol
  5. The total amount of kinetic energy due to molecular motion in a body of matter

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  1. ionic bondA chemical bond resulting from the attraction between oppositely charged ions


  2. proteinA three-dimensional biological polymer constructed from a set of 20 different monomers called amino acids


  3. DNAA double-stranded, helical nucleic acid molecule capable of replicating and determining the inherited structure of a cell's proteins


  4. elementprocesses the products of digestion into substances useful to the body, neutralizes harmful substances in the blood, secretes bile for digestion of fats, synthesizes plasma proteins, stores things.


  5. primary structureThe level of protein structure referring to the specific sequence of amino acids