DNA Replication

DNA REPLICATION: Before the lagging-strand DNA exits the replication factory, its RNA primers must be removed and the Okazaki fragments must be joined together to create a continuous DNA strand. The first step is the removal of the RNA primer. RNAse H, which recognizes RNA-DNA hybrid helices, degrades the RNA by hydrolyzing its phosphodiester bonds. Next, the sequence gap created by RNAse H is then filled in by DNA polymerase which extends the 3' end of the neighboring Okazaki fragment. Finally,…

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DNA Replication
The process of making identical copies of DNA before cell division.
Replication Fork
The Y-shaped region that results when the two strands separate.
Type of bond between bases
Weak Hydrogen bonds
A building block of DNA, consisting of a five-carbon sugar covalently bonded to a nitrogenous base and a phosphate group.
Double Helix
DNA's structure is a double helix - twisted ladder.
An enzyme that unwinds the double helix of DNA and separates the DNA strands in preparation for DNA replication.
DNA polymerase
Enzyme involved in DNA replication that joins individual nucleotides to produce a DNA molecule and that also "proofreads" the DNA for errors.
Semi-conservative Replication
Each half of an original DNA molecule serves as a template for a new strand, and the two new DNA molecules each have one old and one new strand.
DNA's location in the cell
DNA is located in the nucleus (of eukaryotic cells like plants and animals)
Bases held together by 3 hydrogen bonds
Guanine and Cytosine
Bases held together by 2 hydrogen bonds
Adenine and Thymine
Number of rings found in purines
Number of rings found in pyrimidines
hold the DNA strands toghether
what do hydrogen bonds do
unwinds the hydrogen bonds
what does helicase do
5' to 3'
leading strand
point of origin
where does dna replication start
Okazaki fragments
Found on the lagging strand
DNA primase
Enzyme that creates an RNA starting point for DNA polymerase to begin replication
5-carbon sugar DNA is named from

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