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History 10- James Madison, War of 1812

james madison
president during the war of 1812
reduced army/navy, famous war generals dead, not prepared, federalists oppose
what are the problems with going to war against the british?
impressment, disruption of trade, aiding native americans
what are the grievances of james madison's war message to congress?
part 1 of the war of 1812
invasion of canada, pushed out very quickly, forts are taken from the US
dearborn, machinaw, and detroit
what forts were taken by the canadians during the invasion of canada?
uss consitution (old iron sides)
one of the few naval vessels that the US owned, won many one-on-one battles
private merchants that use their own ships to raid the enemy, not part of the army
york, burn it down
when the US finally pushes the canadians back, what city do they go to and what do they do?
admiral cochrane
overall naval commander of the british
admiral coburn
2nd in command of the navy for the british
the napoleonic wars end
what happens to give the british an advantage in 1814?
john armstrong
convinced british will not attack washington d.c.; secretary of war, protects the capital, inaffective
`how many troops are sent to defend washington?
william winder
chosen to lead the protection of washington and baltimore, innexperienced
robert ross
led the british land force
benedict, maryland
place where the british started their march to washington
battle of bladensburg
US battles with british, complete failure and disaster, US troops run and flee
dolly madison
stayed in the white house during the british raid and protected valuable items like the painting of washington
all of the important buildings except the post office
what do the british burn down in washington?
a big storm hits and prevents the british from going to baltimore
what happens during the burning of the buildings in washington?
the storm
what caused more british casualties, the storm or the battle of bladensburg?
since the bitish have to go back to benedict, maryland, it gives the US time
how does the storm help the US?
fort mchenry
key to the defense of baltimore
commanding officer of fort mchenry
sam smith
replaced winder as commander of ground troops for the US
francis scott key
american lawyer who wrote the star-spangled banner
ross vs smith, US looses and retreats
ross was killed by a sniper
what is the major event at northpoint?
arthur brooke
takes control after ross dies
hampstead hill
US stopped the british attack at this place
treaty of ghent
said nothing about anything, except to return to the way it used to be, status quo
battle of new orleans
andrew jackson denfends here, made jackson a hero
hartford convention
meeting of federalists to discuss amendments or seccession
geographically unifies the country, second bank, and protective tarrif
what was part of the american system?
clay and madison
who writes the american system?
internal improvements, national road, erie canal
what was part of geograhpically unifying the country?
protective tarrif
protects american businesses, makes foreign companies raise prices so people would buy the items sold by american companies because they were less
rush-bagot treaty
demiliterized the great lakes, necessary to prevent war and try to keep peace
adams-onis treaty
treaty with spain, florida is given to the US
"era of good feeling"
what was james madison's presidency called?
monroe doctrine
said that europe or anyone else in the eastern hemisphere cannot have new colonization in the western hemisphere
john quincy adams
who wrote the monroe doctrine?
he creates an amendment that said if missouri wants to become a state, they have to give up their slaves
when missouri wants to become a state, what does tallmadge do?
henry clay
who helps authorize the missouri compromise?
missouri enters as a slave state, maine enters as a free state, sets the 36 th and 30 parallel
what are the 3 parts of the missouri compromise?