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The Black Death

originated in the Gobi Desert, travelled by ship & land, followed trade routes, transmitted rat-flea-human, certain professions killed more (doctors and clergy)

3 Types of the Plague

Bubonic (lymphnodes), Pneumonic (lungs), Septicaemtic (blood)


Tried to cure with incense, sound (church bells), charmes and spells... actually destroyed by heat

Death Rate of the Plague

Killed 1/3 of Euro's population

The Flu

5-20% of population gets flu each year, 200,000 are hospitalized, 36,000 die, virus lasts a week at regular temp and 30 days at freezing temp,

Spanish Flu

Kills by uncontrollable hemorrhaging that fills the lungs - drowning the patient, tended to select young healthy adults as victims, 675,000 died from it, worldwide between 50-100 million, started in Kansas in army barracks

Avian Flu



Discovered in US in early 1980's, has killed more than 25 million people, spherical in structure, attaches to t-cells


Slow moving virus which takes a long time to produce any adverse effects in the body

Infectious Disease

Clinically evident disease caused by presence of microbial agents (viruses, etc)


Infectious Agents which cause disease in animals and/or plants


Infectious proteins

Contagious Disease

Infectious pathologies which can be transmitted

Primary Pathogens

Affects healthy host

Opportunistic Pathogen

Affects sick host


Transmitted through kissing, coughing, etc.


Transmitted through contaminated food/water


Inanimate object which transfers a disease

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