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Employed married women do less housework than employed married men.


In the United States, most police officers, engineers, judges, and college presidents are men.


The "beauty myth" refers to the idea that

women learn to measure their personal importance in terms of physical appearance.

Sexual harassment is an important social issue because

half of working women report receiving unwanted sexual attention.

Most sociological research suggests that gender is socially constructed and is therefore subject to change.


Comparing the performances of female and male athletes over time shows

women have been closing the gap with men in most athletic performances.

Which factor accounts for the GREATEST share of the difference in the earnings of working women and men in the United States?

the type of work men and women do

What is the form of social organization in which females dominate males?


The point of describing gender in the Israeli kibbutzim is to show that

cultures define gender in different ways.

Which of the following is an important exception to male domination of the U.S. workplace?

Women now own more than 10 million entrepreneurial businesses.

Structural-functional analysis points out that industrialization encourages

growing gender equality.

In which of the following nations does the political power of women come closest to that of men?


If you could end violence against women in one setting, doing so in which of the following settings would reduce this type of violence the MOST?

the home

In athletics, the performance gap between male and female athletes is increasing.


What is a reason to see women as a minority in the United States?

At every class level, women have less income, wealth, education, and power than men do.

In the United States today, two-thirds of physicians are women.


Drawing on Janet Lever's observations of children at play, which of the following would you conclude to be true?

Boys favor games with clear winners and losers.

In her famous study, Margaret Mead investigated gender in three African societies.


The concept of "comparable worth" means that

people should be paid according to the level of skill and responsibility involved in the work.

George Murdock found that, in the case of many tasks, what one society considers "masculine" another may consider "feminine."


In the United States in 2009, women in the labor force working full time earned ______ to every dollar men earned.

77 cents

Most cases of female genital mutilation occur in


Research shows that young males have less mathematical ability, but greater verbal ability than young females.


Corporate women still encounter a "glass ceiling" that prevents them from being promoted to high levels in the company.


Which type of feminism links the social disadvantages of women to the capitalist economic system?

socialist feminism

When did feminism begin as a social movement in the United States?

in the 1840s

One criticism of pornography is that it portrays women as weak and undeserving of respect.


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