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Grammar Week 13


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Author describes two unlike things.
Use the word like or as to make comparison.
-Example: My mountains are like giant watchmen looking over the city.
-Example: My uncle is *as* strong asasmple: My uncle is *as* strong *as* an ox.
Author describes two unlike things.
Relationship is stated as if the two things are the same.
Often use the verbs is, are, was, and were
-Example: Before his morning coffee, Mr. Perry is a grouchy porcupine.
An animal or inanimate object is given human traits or performs an action that only a person can do.
-Example: The car coughed and hiccupped then came to a stop.
Magic Five in the Front
2 quotation marks + 1 capital + 1 punctuation (,?!) + 1 period (after the tag)
-Example: *"**I* hope it has a sun roof*,*"Iample: *"**I* hope it has a sun roof," offered Celeste.
Quotation is a question
Use a question mark after the quotation.
-Example: "So, where should we drive it?" asked Mom.
Quotation is an exclamation
Use an exclamation point after the quotation.
-Example: "I need help!" shouted Mrs. Gray.
Quotation is a statement
Use a COMMA after the quotation.
-Example: "I plan to pick it up on Saturday," said Dad.