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Exam 4 (Final)

Thomas Malthus viewed the 18th century growth rate as...
a sign of doom
Some Anti-Malthusians predict that the world's population will peak about 7 or 8 billion and then begin to grow smaller. They refer to this process as a demographic......
free fall
What is a pattern of growth in which numbers double during approximately equal intervals, resulting in an acceleration of growth during the final stages?
exponential growth curve
According to the symbolic interactionist perspective, why do women in poor nations bear a large number of children?
men control reproductive choices in the poor nations
When a least industrialized nation experiences political instability that threatens an entire region's balance of power, what action is the United Nations MOST likely to take?
it will attempt to act as a mediator between the citizens of the affected nation and their government
To determine a countrys growth rate, what three variables would a demographer use?
fertility, mortality, migration
The nation believed to employ the practice of female infanticide most often is....
What is infrastructure?
the essential factors on which cities depend such as rapid transportation and communications
At approx which period in history did cities begin to develop on a large scale in several part of the world?
during the industrial revolution about 1800 AD
To qualify as a megacity, a city's population must exceed...
10 million
Jim and Millie are one of ten couples who have decided to buy and restore an older house in a deteriorated urban neighborhood. Jim and Millie are apart of a movement referred to as...
The concept of human ecology to describe the ways in which people adapt to their environment was developed by sociologist....
robert park
The process of one group of people displacing a group whose racial, ethnic,or social class characteristics differ from their own is called...
invasion-succession cycle
Based on Gan's typologies of city dwellers, what classification do the elderly, mentally ill, and drug addicts fall into?
the trapped
A shift in the characteristics of culture and society over time is known as...
social change
The information revolution is based upon the...
The shift from traditional societies into industrial societies is called...
Although the faculty members of Acadia University have new state of the art computers, several professors refuse to use them and even replaced them with typewriters. This is an example of....
cultural lag
Fundamentalist religious social movements that stress conversion are...
According to the concept environmental injustice what two groups are affected by the most by pollution?
the poor and minorities
Which of the following types of social movements are global in scope?
reformative and transformative social movements
What name is given to political parties whose central issue is the environment and the practice of responsible ecology?
green parties
Which statement is most accurate regarding the effect the rapid disappearance of the rain forests will have on global conditions?
thousands of plant and animal species are lost annually
The idea that industrialized nations' exploitation of nonindustrialized nations' resources created dependency and an inability to develop resources on the parts of nonindustrialized nations is known as.....
multinationalism theory