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An___ to the constitution, both written an unwritten, can be made in one of two basic ways.
Executive agreement
A pact made by the President, using the process of ____, carries the same force of law as a treaty
Rule of law
Dictators may operate outside the ____, but under the Constitution the government and its officers must obey it.
It is the people who are the only source of governmental power in a system of ____.
Governments that obey the fundamental law of the land are abiding by the principle of _____.
In the United States, any governmental action that denies someone fair and equal treatment under the law may be declared______.
Checks and balances
The system of ____ helps keep one branch of government from dominating the actions of the others
Separation of powers
The constitution provides for the _____ by creating three distinct branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial.
Bill of right
The first ten amendments, which provide the protection of basic individual rights and liberties, are called the_______.
Formal amendment
Changes to the written provisions of the constitution may be made only through the process of ____.
Informal amendment
Changes in the constitution that do not lead to changes in the written document
Advisory board to the president
Marbury v. Madison
Court case involving the process of informal amendment
Supreme court
" a constitutional convention in continuous session"
Executive agreement
Pact made by a president with heads of a foreign state.
Limited government
Which of the following principles holds that government may do only those things that the people have given it power to do?
Separation of powers
When James Madison wrote, " the accumulation of all powers.....in the same hands......may be pronounced as the very definition of tyranny," he was arguing on behalf of which of the following constitutional principles?
Each branch is subject to a number of restraints by the other branches
The principle of checks and balances means that
Which of the following constitutional principles was devised as a compromise between a powerful central government and loose confederation of states?
Checks and balances
Which constitutional principle applies when the Senate confirms or rejects the President's appointee to run the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)?
Involves changing the written words of the constitution
The formal amendment process
Informal amendments
The constitution has grown and changed mostly as a result of
Bill of rights
The basic constitutional rights of the people were FIRST set out in the
Which of the following is NOT true of the use of executive agreement?
Formal amendments to the Constitution may be proposed by
???? Judicial power to declare governmental actions unconstitutional
Which power was established through the informal amendment process?
Which of the following was formally amended to the constitution?
Popular sovereignty
With the words " we the People," the constitution establishes its authority on the basis of
Checks and balances
The president's power to veto an act of Congress is an example
The framers reconciled the need for an effective central government with a respect for State governments by creating a system of
The amendments were ratified at the same time as the Constitution
Which statement about the Bill of Rights is NOT true?
Built- in provisions for accommodating change
Which of the following accounts for the ability of the Constitution to endure for more than 200 years?
Deprive a state of its equal representation in the Senate
According to article V of the constitution, no amendment may
Keeps the Constitution responsive and up to date
The informal amendment process
The right to a speedy trial by jury
The Bill of rights guarantees all of the following except
The president's cabinet is an example of informal amendment by
In most cases involving judicial review, the courts have