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A salesperson should not lose his or her cool when dealing with customer complaints and difficult customers, but must display _____ (think about getting punched in the face, collapsing to the ground, standing up with a smile, thanking the person who punched you, and asking for another).
​"Because the engine is less powerful, it is more fuel efficient, and that means your company will save money."
Jeremy is interested in buying ten new cars for his company fleet. He likes a particular car that a salesperson is showing him but expresses concern about the fact that the car's engine is not as powerful as the other cars he is considering. Which of the following best illustrates the salesperson's use of the translation method to handle Jeremy's concern?​
​It classifies accounts on the basis of sales potential.
Which of the following is a characteristic of single-factor analysis?​
​Today's buyers are busy, and many are reluctant to see salespeople.
Which of the following is a reason why salespeople get rejected by buyers?​
​build team spirit when the salesperson needs help in meeting a customer's needs.
A salesperson should be familiar with his or her company's key personnel from other departments. This helps:
Salespeople who always do what they say they will do earn the trust of buyers because buyers perceive them as being:
Price objections
_____ occur more frequently than any other kind of objection and should be addressed by focusing on value.
​tracking system
A _____ is a part of the strategic prospecting plan that records comprehensive information about a prospect, traces the prospecting methods used, and chronologically archives outcomes from any contacts with the prospect.​
​performance feedback and evaluation.
A business buyer's purchase process ends with:​
​reflect on product or service dimensions that add value.
A good customer value proposition should:​
​displaying openness and sincerity.
A person holding good eye contact with the speaker during a presentation is:​
​objects because it is a matter of custom
A prospect who _____ will say no during the first few calls to test the salesperson's persistence.​
​focusing more on creating and delivering customer value.
A salesperson can deal with the issue of intensified competition in the future by:​
​solving his or her customers' problems.
A salesperson who follows the trust-based relationship selling strategy when dealing with his or her customers is expected to be actively involved in:​
​provide added value for a customer.
A salesperson's service mission is to:
​direct commitment method
A straightforward method for earning commitment is the _____.​
According to the SPIN questioning system, "Do you use telemarketing or mobile marketing?" is an example of a(n) _____ question.​
​situation questions
According to the SPIN questioning system, _____ are used early in a sales call and provide salespeople with leads to develop the buyer's needs and expectations fully.​
​Deal analytics
After developing strategies and plans, Alice, a salesperson, was asked to analyze her customers' past behaviors, any opportunities to sell complementary products, and the makeups of various customer groups in order to identify areas of opportunity and high interest to customers. In this scenario, which of the following should Alice adopt to perform this task?​
​searching for machine manufacturers.
Allen and Spade, a firearms manufacturer, has received a new order for customized hand guns. The company understands that the production of this order will require a new set of machinery. With the help of its engineers, the company has figured out the specifications of the machinery required. Now, the company should begin:​
evaluating proposals from server providers.
Allied Co., a technological firm, requires new data servers. Based on the specifications provided by its engineers, Allied Co. has acquired tenders—from several different companies—for the required number of servers. Now, the company should begin:​
An analogy is a special form of _____.​
Andrew is a sales representative for an industrial chemical supplier. He ensures he is never late for appointments with customers and always follows through on promises he makes to them. Because of Andrew's work ethic, his customers perceive him as being:​
an organized sales dialogue to reach them
Andy is a salesperson. His customers are geographically distributed and speak different languages. They have different needs and different ways of interacting with him, such as through phone calls, e-mails, and on social media. Andy would benefit the most from utilizing:​
listen carefully
Anthony is a salesperson for Xaim Chemicals and is faced with an objection raised by a buyer. According to the LAARC method, the first thing Anthony needs to do is:​
The quality of service provided is inconsistent across customer service agents.​
Anthony, a purchasing agent for a hospital, finds several items missing from a shipment that the hospital received from one of its suppliers. Anthony speaks with a customer service representative who is very friendly and helpful. Anthony calls the supplier again the next day but talks to a different customer service representative who is not as friendly or helpful. Which of the following describes the problem the supplier has with customer service?​
understand what has to be done to meet product design and delivery requirements.​
As part of their training, salespeople actually work in production facilities in order to:​
​More sales specialists will be hired by companies for specific customer types.
As the evolution of personal selling continues, which of the following is most likely a sales force response to an expected change in future?​
​functional need
Bernice recently bought a bicycle. After a few days of cycling, she realized that she needs a basket attached to the bicycle in which she could keep her bag and other articles while cycling. Sarah's need of a basket is a _____.​
​He should close the sale as quickly as possible, using whatever means possible.
Bill, a sales representative at a home appliance store, is trying to convince a customer to purchase a particular refrigerator. The customer is confused with so many options available and cannot decide which one to buy. Following traditional selling methods, which of the following should Bill do?
​selecting an order routine of the security systems.
Chindanel Hotels, a chain of luxury hotels, wants to install new security systems in all of its franchises. Based on the specifications provided by Chindanel, a few companies have submitted tenders to acquire the contract. Chindanel Hotels has shortlisted one company and has decided to give the contract to it. Now, Chindanel Hotels should begin:​
Chris is drumming his fingers on the table during a company meeting. In this case, which of the following nonverbal messages is Chris communicating?​
Claire is a sales manager. She is conducting an interview for a trainee sales position. During the interview, Claire is leaning back in her chair and has both hands placed behind her head. Which of the following nonverbal messages is she conveying?​
​it improves sales force effectiveness and minimizes costs.
Companies use GPS tracking systems to track their sales force because:​
​possesses features and benefits that are superior to those of the competition.
Comparisons of a company's competitors' products for a customer's buying decision are critical, especially when the company:
salespeople to deliver service consistently.​
Customers expect:
collaborative involvement​
Customers often know the strengths and weaknesses of the product they use and can provide some insight into how improvements can be made. This fact can be made use of to expand _____ between both the buying and selling organizations.​
​adaptive selling
Daniel, a salesperson, was conducting a sales presentation about his company's new range of laptops to a few prospective customers. He explained to them how the laptops used the latest technologies, and how they had the sharpest resolution and an extensive storage capacity. During the presentation, one of the prospects admitted that he was not able to understand the presentation, as he was new at using technology. Daniel altered his message accordingly and adjusted the presentation for everyone to understand. In this scenario, Daniel was involved in _____.​
​territory analysis.
Dave is a sales executive at Windsor Stock. His current task is to find the customers and prospects who would buy the company's products, discover the location of such customers, and pinpoint those who can influence purchase decisions. In this scenario, Dave is involved in:​
Drew is a salesperson for a company that manufactures seat covers for pickup trucks. When Drew makes a sale, it is his habit to ask satisfied customers if they know of anyone else who may be interested in his product. In this scenario, Drew uses a _____ as a source of lead generation.​
​some of the power has shifted to buyers, who can accompany more bidders.
Due to a high usage of information technology in the buying process:​
​mistakes are minimized.
Due to an increase in the usage of information technology in the buying process:​
​buyer-seller interactions have increased and the service expectations of buyers has risen.
Due to the increased interdependence between buyers and sellers and the mutual desire to reduce risk of the unknown:​
​the salesperson's ability to uniquely address a buyer's problems and needs.
During an organized sales dialogue (presentation), a salesperson's ability to propose and develop a customized solution is heavily dependent upon:​
She should use alternatives like telemarketing, direct mail, and the Internet.​
Ella is a salesperson at SalesQuarter Inc. She performs a two-factor analysis for account classification and finds that the accounts are less attractive, offering low opportunity. Ella realizes that her accounts are in a weak competitive position. In this scenario, which of the following selling strategies should Ella follow?​
add value.​
Ethan is a salesperson for an industrial equipment manufacturer. Once a prospect becomes a new customer, Ethan looks for ways to improve the products and services that his company provides for them in order to convert a new customer into a loyal customer. In other words, Ethan looks for ways to:​
​sales dialogue
Ethan is a young salesperson who has conversations with his customers in an attempt to establish and maintain good relationships with them. His main focus is to gain the confidence of his customers through these conversations so that he can determine their needs and help them fulfill those needs. In this scenario, Ethan is engaging in _____.​
Installation teams usually do not possess the same relational skills that salespeople do.​
Even though salespeople are rarely responsible for installation, which of the following is a reason for them to be present when their products are being installed?​
​territory goals
For a salesperson, achieving personal goals depends directly upon achieving his or her _____.​
make all members of the buying team feel that their opinions are valuable.
For an effective group sales presentation, a salesperson should:​
The best way to build long-term relationships is to offer superior service quality.​
For many salespeople, the core products that they are selling provide the same features and benefits as those of their competitors. Which of the following statements is true regarding this sort of competitive environment?​
Grace is a salesperson for a software developing company. She makes it a point to know at least three influential people in each of her customers' companies that can influence purchase decisions. In this scenario, which of the four sequential components of effective follow-up is Grace utilizing?​
​confirmed benefit
Hailey, a salesperson, is presenting a sales dialogue to the buyers from Harter Tech, who want to buy a new range of copiers from Hailey's company. Hailey has found that some of the added features of the product are valued by the buyers. In this scenario, Hailey has identified the _____ of the copier.​
​Avoid giving equal importance to all the attributes irrespective of their importance weights.
Identify one of the strategies used to plan, create, and deliver an effective presentation.​
​must-have attribute
If a buyer is evaluating a sales offering on its ability to meet standards, the buyer is assessing the sales offering on the basis of a _____.​
psychological attribute
If a buyer is evaluating a sales offering on its eagerness to satisfy, the buyer is assessing the sales offering on the basis of a _____.​
​alter the buyer's beliefs about the competitor's offering by providing accurate information.
If a buyer mistakenly believes that a competitor's offering has higher level attributes or qualities than it actually does, the salesperson should attempt to:​
shipping and transportation partnership​
If a customer places an order for a product which is an urgent requirement, the concerned salesperson should engage in a(n) _____ to meet the customer requirement.​
​features that produce benefits addressing their buying motives.
In context of the purchase decision process, prospects are most interested in:​
performing routine post-sale follow-up activities.​
In maintaining and enhancing customer relationships, salespeople are involved in:​
service quality​
In markets where it's hard to differentiate the core products, more and more companies are turning to _____ as a strategy to acquire and maintain customers.​
​need to possess increased levels of knowledge and expertise.
In order to be successful in the business market, where buyers are trained to identify suppliers as part of their jobs, salespeople:​
​A salesperson has to determine what it means to each of his or her buyers.
In the context of a buyer-seller relationship, which of the following statements is true of trust?​
In the context of building trust through the use of sales dialogue templates, a salesperson can build trust through his or her _____.​
​To facilitate the exchange of information between a salesperson and a buying team
In the context of buying teams, which of the following is a role of gatekeepers?​
To provide inputs and assessments of different product offerings​
In the context of buying teams, which of the following is a role of influencers?​
In the context of communication styles, _____ are low on responsiveness but high on assertiveness.​
​must track orders and inform customers when there is a delay.
In the context of expediting orders and monitoring installation, salespeople:​
​They allow salespeople to identify buyers' needs and accurately convey proposed solutions.
In the context of sales communication, which of the following is an advantage of having effective trust-based sales communication skills?​
​The demand for goods and services in the business market is more volatile than that of the consumer market.
In the context of types of business markets, which of the following statements is true?​
It is important for a salesperson to understand what service dimensions concern a buyer. A salesperson's question, "Do we send a team to your site for start-up?" addresses the service dimension of _____.
​A personal visit
Jake is a salesperson for a corporate jet manufacturer. From experience, Jake knows that most customers will have questions or concerns after placing an order. Which of the following post-sale follow-up methods is the best way for Jake to provide useful information to his customers?​
new task
James has never had a motorcycle before but is planning to purchase one to replace his old bicycle. James is set to make a _____ purchasing decision.​
​She should attempt to explain to the buyer that the characteristics on which her product scores low are not really important.
Jamie is a salesperson making a sales proposal to a potential customer. During the presentation, she learns that some of the attributes of her product offering will not be able to maximize the buyer's evaluation score when compared to a competitor's offering. Which the following is probably the best strategy for Jamie to follow?​
sales call goal​
Jamie, a salesperson, is discussing her goals with her coworker. She mentions that she has set an account goal of $30,000. In order to achieve her account goal, Jamie should first set a(n) _____.​
Jane should ask the customer to explain the problem and listen carefully to get the whole story.​
Jane is a salesperson for a company that manufactures laptop computers. One of her customers left her a message indicating that he was unhappy about the last order he received. While on her way to visit the customer to discuss the problem, Jane decides to review her procedure for handling complaints. What is the first thing she needs to do in order to resolve the customer's complaint?​
​situational need
Jason was all set to go home after his day of work. As soon as he stepped out of the office building, it started to rain. Jason wished he had an umbrella, as he walks to and from work, and now he cannot get home without getting drenched in rain. Jason's need of an umbrella is a _____.​
​Competitive depositioning
Jason, a salesperson for Green Tools, proposed a sale of solar panels to Timothy Energy Solutions. Timothy Energy Solutions was not willing to get into business with Green Tools, however, because its manager believed that their solar panels were inferior to the ones supplied by Timothy Energy Solutions' conventional suppliers. Jason presented the findings of a certified research body that compared the various solar panels that are offered by different companies. It was evident from the findings that Green Tools' solar panels were superior to those of other companies. This eventually led Timothy Energy Solutions to buy solar panels from Green Tools. Which of the following strategies was used by Jason to procure the business?​
​She will have to work with a higher number of customers.
Jennifer just moved to a job as a retail salesperson in the same company where she was previously working as a business-to-business salesperson. Which of the following changes can she expect?​
​trust-based relationship selling
John is a salesperson who relies heavily on creating sales strategies centered around gaining his customers' trust and confidence and meeting their needs. His main focus is on delivering customer value. In this context, John relies on the _____ form of personal selling.​
​A product objection
Jonathan, a salesperson for a food processor manufacturing company, is selling his company's new juicer to prospective customers. Most of his prospects feel that the juicer is too bulky and is not easy to clean. In this scenario, which of the following types of objections are Jonathan's prospects raising?​
long-term plan​
Juan, a sales executive, is involved in sales planning for the next eight months. In this case, Juan is making a(n) _____.​
​summarize the confirmed benefits.
Just before moving into the securing commitment and closing stage, a salesperson should:​
an ineffective self-leader.​
Kim does an excellent job of setting objectives for herself. Unfortunately, she rarely devotes any time to strategizing plans to achieve those objectives. In this scenario, Kim is:​
​improving her questioning skills and using carefully crafted questions.
Kim is a salesperson for ABC Advertising. She is having trouble maintaining control of her sales calls. Kim finds that her customers often go off on tangents and talk about relatively unimportant things until her time with those customers is up. Kim could benefit by:​
​Laila is setting her customers' expectations too high.
Laila is very good at getting customers to purchase her company's products by telling them how the products are the best in the world. However, her customers are usually dissatisfied with the performance of the products even though they perform well and sometimes even slightly better than the competitor's products. In this scenario, which of the following is most likely the problem?​
​finishes a feature-benefit sequence.
Layla is a salesperson at Mandrin Corp. and is preparing to make a sales call. She should use a check-back after she:​
multiple buyer-seller interactions occur in which the seller wins the trust of the buyer.​
Long-term relationships are formed between a buyer and a salesperson when:​
​be deliberate in their communication.
Low-assertive individuals tend to:​
Marcus, a salesperson, consistently has trouble with properly presenting sales aids to prospective buyers. He could probably benefit from using the _____ Sequence.​
Maria is a young salesperson who understands her customers' needs in detail and explains how the products she is selling would help her customers with their issues. She uses the _____ approach to personal selling.​
Mark is a salesperson who works for LiveLife Inc., a pharmaceutical company specializing in developing drugs for fighting cancer. On a typical day at work, he meets several physicians and gives them information about the drugs being developed and manufactured by the company. Thus, he can be called a(n) _____.​
​They do not have a current need for the products or services her company is offering.
Megan is a salesperson for a company that manufactures chemicals. While reviewing her new leads, Megan learned that two of them just signed contracts with one of her company's major competitors. Which of the following best describes why Megan will not consider these two leads as sales prospects?
Mel could have engineers from the buying and selling organizations work together during a sales call.​
Mel is a salesperson for a technology services company. He is looking for ways to increase cooperation and involvement between his organization and his buyer's organizations. Which of the following activities would be ideal to help Mel achieve this?​
​success story commitment technique
Melissa, a salesperson for a cosmetics company, is selling the company's new range of anti-acne products. While selling to prospective customers, she explains how one of her previous customers was hesitant to buy the product initially but was very happy with the results when she finally gave the product a try. In this scenario, Melissa is using the _____ of earning commitment.​
​they want to avoid the sales interview.
Mike is a sales representative for an industrial equipment company. He plans to meet as many prospective buyers as possible in order to reach his sales target. Mike can expect sales resistance from prospects when:​
personal selling​
Natalie is a college graduate who is seeking a job in business-to-business marketing. She would prefer to interact with her customers on an individual basis rather than directing her communications to mass markets. In this context, Natalie should look for a job in _____.​
Processing requests for rush deliveries willingly​
Natalie is a salesperson for a company that manufactures office supplies. Which of the following activities is appropriate for Natalie to engage in if she is interested in converting her customers into highly committed lifetime customers?​
​by making use of a flexible sales dialogue template to guide the sales dialogue.
Nessa is a salesperson who has customers that speak different languages and come from different cultures. She finds it difficult to get her customers to trust her because of their ethnic and cultural differences. The best way for Nessa to facilitate trust-building with her customers is:​
company knowledge
Nora, a salesperson working with Fifth Leaf Fashions, informs her customers that they can return garments within 30 days of purchase in return for cash. However, the Fifth Leaf Fashion's return policy states that customers may only exchange the returned garments for other garments and not cash. In this scenario, it is evident that Nora needs to improve her _____.​
send the sales agenda to the customer
Once a salesperson has an appointment with a prospect and all the objectives have been established, the salesperson should:​
diffusion of innovation
One of the key roles that salespeople play in society is the distribution of knowledge about new technology. In other words, salespeople help with the _____.​
​a buyer's loyalty to a competitor
One of the most difficult types of objections to overcome is one based on _____.​
​centers of influence
Pete is a salesman who is a member of The Green Stones Country Club. The club is frequented by lawyers, doctors, and other members of the community. Pete will often identify new prospects while striking up conversations with the club members. Pete uses the club members as _____.​
Properly developed goals should be:​
Rachael is a salesperson who asks questions related to the buyer's needs and specifications to keep the conversation going. Rachael does this in order to:​
Ravi is a sales representative at a sports equipment company. He has a keen interest in tennis and often organizes matches with some of his customers on weekends. By doing so, he has befriended a number of his clients. Given this information, it is evident that Ravi gives high priority to _____ in the buyer-seller relationship.
Reductions in the size of the customer base and increased usage of supply chain management have led to:​
RidgeCut is a manufacturing company that has several stakeholders all over the world. The company maintains a secure website which is password protected and is not accessible to people outside the organization. Since this affects the company's marketing opportunities, RidgeCut decides to provide secured access to their stakeholders. In this case, RidgeCut should use _____.​
Rita has recently been hired as a sales representative at a grocery store. As part of her training, her store manager asks her to memorize the discounts offered by the store during the Christmas season. In this scenario, the store manager wants to enhance Rita's _____.
Robert is a young college graduate who is looking for a sales job in the pharmaceutical industry. In order to better his chances of being selected by employers, he decides to enhance his knowledge of the latest medications in the market. In this scenario, it is evident that Robert is trying to enhance his _____.
Salespeople are often faced with quota pressure from their managers. Under these circumstances, which of the following practices by a salesperson is most likely to be considered an example of ethical behavior?
Salespeople are often stereotyped as pushy, shifty, and untrustworthy because:​
Salespeople have employed a variety of technology-based salesforce automation tools in order to:​
Sally is a relatively experienced salesperson. Her customers want information on all the features, benefits, legal information, and pricing data about the product Sally is selling. She should probably develop a(n) _____.​
Sandy is a salesperson who has trouble prospecting effectively. Approximately 80 percent of the leads she contacts do not end up making a purchase, for various reasons. Sandy would likely not have wasted so much of her time if she had collected more information about those leads. Sandy is probably having trouble:​
Sarah is a salesperson who prefers meeting sales leads at local Chamber of Commerce meetings. Sarah uses _____ as a source of sales prospecting.​
Sarah is sitting for an interview. She notices that her interviewer is nodding and smiling when she answers a question. In this scenario, Sarah's interviewer:​
Scott is a salesperson for an automobile manufacturing company. He usually makes an effort to have effective encounters with customers in order to have effective communication between them. He wants his customers to be highly involved in the decision-making process. In this scenario, which of the four sequential components of effective follow-up is Scott utilizing?​
Sharon has set a goal of selling her company's product to at least 100 customers and earning $50,000 during the current financial year. According to the five sequential stages of self-leadership model, Sharon's next step should be to:​
Steve is a salesperson for the Cloud Nine Corporation. His territory includes 50 established accounts which he calls on regularly. Although Steve is supposed to allocate some time to prospecting, he prefers to call on his existing accounts. Which of the following is most likely the reason why Steve resists prospecting?​
Steve, a salesperson at Cann Computer Corp., confirms that his prospective customer needs 50 new computers that offer high-quality graphics. During his sales presentation, Steve should:​
Straight rebuy decisions occur when:​
Suppliers have more time to devote to postsale services because:​
Susan always asks her customers to be candid with her, especially when it comes to their satisfaction. She wants her customers to be honest about how they feel regarding each of the services they avail from her company. In this scenario, Susan:​
Susan's customers are always concerned about what they are receiving in exchange for what they are paying. They are concerned about the ways in which Susan is helping them achieve their strategic goals and how she is helping them save money. In this context, Susan's prospects are concerned about _____.​
The Cloverleaf sales call routing plan is best used when:​
The business market includes:​
The most common categorization of buyers splits them into which of the following two groups?​
The most important part of a salesperson's job is:​
The overall evaluation scores of a staple pin as per ease of application, strength, durability, reliability, and shelf-life in storage are 85, 65, 78, 75, and 62, respectively. The importance of which of the following attributes is most likely to be deemphasized by a salesperson selling the staple pin?​
The process of sales planning should ideally start with a long-term plan because:​
The question "That sounds like an important issue, could you give me an example of what you mean?" is an example of which of the following types of question?​
The sales process begins with:​
The series of conversations between buyers and sellers that take place over time in an attempt to build relationships is referred to as _____.
The specific component of effective salesperson follow-up designed to _____ with customers refers to a salesperson's ability to apply relevant understanding and insight to create value-added interactions.​
The use of Internet- and intranet-based technologies:​
To overpromise and underdeliver to a customer is an example of a(n) _____.​
Tony has recently been hired as a salesperson by a logistics company. The company divides its clients into different markets based on their requirements. Tony has been asked to work exclusively with emerging entrepreneurs. To build long-term relationships with his clients, he has to improve his _____.
When a buyer says, "I am not interested in purchasing from your organization because the last salesperson was unreliable," he or she is expressing which of the following types of objections?​
When competitive position is strong:​
When planning an effective sales presentation, a salesperson must:​
When preparing printed materials and visuals, a salesperson should:​
When salespeople alter their sales messages and behaviors during a sales presentation or as they encounter different sales situations, they are using _____.​
When selling to a buying group, which of the following is not a reason to arrive early?
When the consumer demand for vehicle tires increases, the demand for rubber also goes up. This increased demand for rubber due to the increase in demand for tires shows the effect of _____ on business markets.​
Which component of trust in a salesperson does a buyer's question "Can you and your company back up your promises?" most likely address?​
Which component of trust in a salesperson does a buyer's question "Do you know what you're talking about?" most likely address?​
Which of the following best describes sales resistance?​
Which of the following can be done by salespeople to send strong signals of interest and understanding to potential buyers?​
Which of the following components of active listening addresses the question of "What meaning does the sender intend?"​
Which of the following components of active listening requires noting the verbal and nonverbal cues from the sender along with consistencies and inconsistencies between them?​
Which of the following describes the SPES Sequence?
Which of the following five views of personal selling is considered to be the simplest?​
Which of the following forms of marketing involves talking with buyers before, during, and after the sale?​
Which of the following is a benefit of single-factor analysis?​
Which of the following is a category of sales support personnel who are not typically involved in the direct solicitation of purchase orders?​
Which of the following is a characteristic of written sales proposals?​
Which of the following is a difference between ABC analysis and Portfolio analysis?​
Which of the following is a difference between functional needs and psychological needs?​
Which of the following is a feature of portfolio analysis?​
Which of the following is a key difference between trust-based relationship selling and transaction-focused traditional selling?​
Which of the following is a reason for the importance of assessing customer satisfaction?​
Which of the following is a requirement of synergistic teamwork?​
Which of the following is a tip for preparing visual materials for sales presentations?​
Which of the following is a user-friendly program that provides salespeople with a convenient option to catalog, search, and access comprehensive information regarding individual accounts?​
Which of the following is an impact of information technology on the buying process?​
Which of the following is considered specific information about the selling situation?​
Which of the following is most accurate with respect to a buyer's expectations for salespeople?​
Which of the following is the basic objective of sales prospecting?​
Which of the following is the best example of a product feature that would appeal to a buyer's rational buying motive?​
Which of the following is the correct sequence of the LAARC method?
Which of the following is the most important dimension of customer service?​
Which of the following is true of a strong listener?​
Which of the following is true of cold canvassing?​
Which of the following is true of concrete expressions?​
Which of the following is true of customer value?​
Which of the following is true of strategic prospecting?​
Which of the following is true of strategic questions?​
Which of the following is true of territory analysis?​
Which of the following is true of testimonials?​
Which of the following knowledge tools must a salesperson use to answer the question "Can the salesperson give additional discounts to get a potential client whom the company has been after for years?"
Which of the following questions must a salesperson ask when developing a service strategy?​
Which of the following stages of self-leadership is referred to as "beginning with the end in mind?"
Which of the following statements is true of ethical standards?
Which of the following statements is true of pioneers?​
Which of the following statements is true of sales as a career?​
Which of the following technologies is a valuable tool for salespeople in the collection of information about prospects prior to the first meeting?​
Which of the following types of questions is used to uncover prospects' perceptions and feelings regarding existing and desired circumstances and potential solutions?​
Which of the following types of questions will be used by a salesperson to change topics when proceeding on a forbidden or nonproductive line of questioning?​
While selling to amiables, salespeople should adopt a _____ type of communication style.​
While selling to drivers, salespeople should adopt a _____ type of communication style.
_____ are designed to penetrate below generalized or superficial information to elicit more articulate and precise details for use in needs discovery and solution identification.​
_____ are proof providers in the form of facts that lend believability to product claims.
_____ are questions that refer to or directly result from information the other party previously provided.​
_____ is a customer-oriented approach that uses truthful, nonmanipulative tactics to satisfy the long-term needs of both the customer and the selling firm.​
_____ is a teamwork skill that salespeople must apply in the process of building internal partnerships.​
_____ is one of the foundations for effective prospecting and reminds salespeople to establish a regular daily schedule for conducting prospecting activities.​
_____ is the first stage in the problem-solving approach to selling.​
Jim, an inexperienced salesperson, informs one of his potential customers that the laptop he is selling has a much faster processing speed than the competitor's. This is not true. The customer, however, remains unconvinced and does not make a purchase. Jim's behavior is considered unethical because he: