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Sacraments Chapter 9

The Sacrament of Matrimony

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The ending of a civil marriage contract. Church law forbids divorce Catholics from marriage has been declared null. It also forbids a Catholic from marrying a divorced persons of any faith unless that marriage has been declared null.
Being married to two or more people at the same time. It is contrary to conjugal love, which is undivided and exclusive.
Infidelity in marriage where by marriage person has sexual intercourse with someone who is not the person's spouse.
Declaration of Nullity
The Church's declaration that a particular marriage - whether presumed as a sacramental bond or simply a natural bond - was never valid.
Nuptial Blessing
Nuptial is a Latin-derived word that means "wedding." The nuptial blessing sanctifies the marriage covenant of the bride and the groom. It takes place after the couple gives their consent to be married.
Marriage Consent
The promises made by the bride and groom to honor one another and to be faithful in good times and in bad, in sickness and in heath throughout their lives. By their consent to one another, the couple establish a permeant covenant in love.
An attribute of God that describes his eternal faithfulness to his promises.
Domestic Church
A term for the family, the Church in miniature.
Parochial School
A private school sponsored by a parish. Catholics and other Christian denomination runs parochial schools to educate children in the Faith. Saint Elizabeth Anne Seton founded the first Catholic School in the U.S. while raising 5 children.
The direct and deliberate ending of a pregnancy by killing the unborn child. Direct abortion willed either as a means or an end, gravely contradicts moral law.
Any artificial means (e.g. pills, condoms, diaphragms, surgeries) that deliberately and directly has an outcome closing off one of the aims of sexual intercourse - the sharing of life. Contraception also opposes the unitive aspect of the conjugal act by not allowing for the total self-giving of the couple to one another.
Any surgical procedure that prevents conception. Some sterilization procedures in women include tied or cut fallopian tubes, removal of ovaries, and/ or removal of the uterus. Sterilization procedures in men include vasectomy ( cutting tubes carrying sperm from the testicles) or castration ( removal of the testicles). Deliberate sterilization is contrary to one of the characteristics of sacramental marriage: the openness to children.
Natural Family Planning (NFP)
A Church-approved method for regulating births in a marriage that is in accord with God's will because it is pursued by spouses without external pressure nor motives of selfishness and is practiced through natural means of periodic continence and use of infertile periods.
Families- husbands, wives, and their children- are basic units of the Church
The liturgically preferred rite among the three rites of the Sacrament of Marriage is the Rite for the Celebration of Marriage outside of Mass
The graces given to the new bride and groom during the marriage ceremony are given to last a lifetime
According to the teaching of the Church, in a sacramental marriage, the husband and wife should be open to the procreation of children
Matrimony calls the husband and wife to share in Christ's mission as priest, prophet, and king
According to the Catholic Church, only marriage between baptized Christians can be seen as a sacrament
As the Old Testament describes it, marriage was a private contract between the father of the groom and the father of the bride show as paid for the loss of his daughter's labor
Protestant reformers agreed that marriage should be seen as a sacrament
St. Paul explained that the relationship between husband and wife could be compared too the relationship between
Christ and his Church
"Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother ad cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh," is an important Biblical message about marriage from
the book of Genesis
The sacramental nature of marriage was fully recognized by the Church:
at the Council of Trent
The essential rite of the Sacrament of Marriage is:
the consent of the spouses to marry each other
There are strong Catholic teachings against sterilization and artificial birth control methods because the Church
believes that God wants married couples to renin open to new life
A "mixed marriage is a marriage between a Catholic and:
a baptized non-Catholic
In his preaching and teaching, Jesus talked about God's original intent for marriage, and said that
marriage is indissoluble
A "declaration of nullity," permitted by the Church, states that a marriage:
was not a "sacramental" marriage by the Church Standards
The Church strongly recommends marriage preparation programs so that couples can:
discuss issues that will be important in marriage
Why is Matrimony considered a sacrament "for the service of communion?"
2 people becoming 1, you are with them forever, you are in communion with them
In what ways do Christian couples serve to build the unity of the family, the local community, and the world?
be fruitful and have children and give to charity
Describe and explain the teaching of the Church about sterilization and artificial birth control. Tell what you have recently learned about this area of Church teachings
couples should be open to the gift of children and it is necessary for them to have children

keep you from having kids
What's free union and is it better than other ways?
when you live together before you get married, no
What does SEAS mean and what is this person known for?
Saint Elizabeth Anne Seton
5 kids
first catholic school