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skeletal muscle tissue

what the muscular system is made up of


the muscular system is the only system in the body that you can ______


how much your muscles allow you to move

movement, heat generation, and shape

the 3 functions of the muscular system


contracting and pulling

80, 20

___% of temperature is generated by skeletal muscles; only ____% is used for contractions

long, skinny

what is the shape of skeletal muscle cells?

over 600

how many muscles are in the human body?


your muscles are _______ in the muscular system




stripes correspond to _________ inside of the cell


are skeletal muscles voluntary or involuntary?


skeletal muscles do not _______


skeletal muscles are ______________, meaning they have many nucleus'


conects muscle to bone; continuous


non movable end that muscles attach to (every muscle has one)


movable end that all mucles attach to; moves when the muscle contracts; all that muscles do is shorten and pull on this


where most of the tissue of the muscle is found (usually fatty part)

feet, hands

you have no muscles in your ______ and _______

conective tissue cover

what is all around every cell in muscles, every group of cells, and the whole muscle. all of them join together to make the tendon, where they also voer the bone


each muscle cell is made up of _________, which are arranged in a regular, striated pattern


means "soft tissue" and "repeating unit"; it is a pattern, what makes the striations; the lines that you see and the part of the muscle that contracts. consists of actin, myosine, and z lines


tiny thin proteins in the sarcomere that allow light to shine through them


thick heavy proteins in the sarcomere that light cannot pass through


z lines are made of ___________

neuromuscular junction

where nerves and muscles meet

ACh (acetylcholine)

the chemical in the sliding filament theory that the nerve spits at muscular cells across the neuromuscular junction which causes a change in the muscle cell, creating a current

calcium, actin active site

in the sliding filament theory, the current in the muscle cell causes the endoplasmic reticulum to throw up ________ all over the cell which them uncovers the ___________________


when the actin active site is uncovered in the sliding filament theory, the __________- grabs the z lines and pulls it behind it, which is the muscle contracting

ATP, cramps

the muscle contracting uses up 1 _____, and befor the myosine can let go, it needs another one or else you get _________


muscle wasting; when you stop exercising and your muscles go away

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