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Edward Weston, Cabbage Leaf, 1931

Beauty of pure form

Bellini, Piet, c. 1500-05

Traditional Concept of beauty conveyed by color and harmonious shapes

Goya, Chronos Devouring One of His Children, 1820-22

Compelling visual power & urgent message, but not traditionally "beautiful."

Aesthetics Art

Goya, Chronos Devouring One of His Children, 1820-22 - Edward Weston, Cabbage Leaf, 1931 - Bellini, Pieta, c. 1500-05

Outsider/Folk Art Work

Samuel Hampton, Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millenium General Assembly, 1950-64.

Outsider/Folk Art

Artwork by non-professionals


Realistic, naturalistic, resembles forms in the natural world, "window on the world."

Respresentational Art Work

Degas, Nude Woman Having her Hair Combed, c. 1886-88 - Duane Hanson, Housepainter III, 1984/1988. - Pablo Picasso, First Communion, 1895-96

Trompe l'oeil

"fool the eye"


distorts, exaggerates or simplifies the natural world to provide essence or universal meaning

Abstract Art Work

Louise Bourgeois, Woman with Packages, 1949. - Picasso, Seated Woman Holding a Fan, 1908 - Susan Rothenberg, Maggie's Ponytail, 1993-4.)


Semi-realistic art that has a pre-set way of depicting the world

Stylized Art Work

Hathor & Sety, Detail, Tomb of Sety I, c. 1300 B.C.E. - Utamaro, Hairdressing, Japanese, 1798-99


Contains no realistic images

Nonrepresentational/Nonobjective Art Work

Kandinsky, Composition IX, 1936

Art and Ritual

Performance Art/Actions

Art and Ritual Art Work

Navajo man creating a sand painting - Joseph Beuys, How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare, 1965


Work created for a specific space to be entered, explored, experienced and reflected upon.

Installation Art Work

Ann Hamilton, Mantle, 1998


Media, style, composition - the way a work looks


Materials used, oil paint, watercolor, marble, etc.)


Constant, recurring or coherent traits or characteristics of an artist or a period of art - labeled after they develop.

Style Art Work

Van Gogh's style was thick layers of paint- impasto; swirling brushstrokes


The organization of Design Elements & Principles - Use of triangles, abstract shapes, muted colors

Composition Art Work

Matisse, Music Lesson, 1916.


Subject matter, message, iconography - what the work says, incl

Content Art Work

Matisse, Music Lesson, 1917


Matisse, Music Lesson, 1917 - Music lesson is a time of family togetherness

Subject Matter

Matisse, Music Lesson, 1917 - Subject is a music lesson.


The story, including symbols or references, people, events, etc.' The explanation of the meaning of the artwork. Requires knowledge of the specific time, beliefs or culture of the artwork.

Iconography Art Work

Jan Van Eyck, Arnolfini Double Portrait, 1434 - Juan de Valdes Leal, Vanitas, 1660 - Audrey Flack, Wheel of Fortune 1977-78

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