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The nickname for the Middle Colonies was?

The Breadbasket Colonies

List some of the natural feature that made the Middle Colones an attactive place for people to settle.

Good Climate, Plenty of rain, fertile land, wide and navigable rivers, large seaports, large forests

Who controlled the colony of New York befre the English?

The Dutch

Explain how the english were able to conquer New Amsterdam without firing a shot.

They outnumbered the Dutch and then offered the settlers the rights of an Englishman if they surrendered.

Who was the founder of New York and New Jersey?

The Duke of York


a safe place


An owner

trial by jury

group of citizens who decide if a person is guilty or innocent of a crime



Who was the founder of Pennsylvania?

William Penn

Why were the colonies of New York, Ne Jersey and Delaware founded?

to control the trade on the Atlantic Coast

Why was Pennsylvania founded?

Religious freedom

How did Penn establish good relations with the Native Americans?

He treated them fairly and paid them for the land he was given by the king.


differences among people


a person who comes into a country to live.

What were the three rights granted to the citizens of Pennsylvania?

Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and Trial by Jury

What is the Great Awakening?

It was a religious movement that renewed the peoples interest in religion.

How did the Great Amwakening affect people's relationship with God?

It changed God from a punisher to someone you need a personal relationship with

religious toleration

acceptance of religious differences

__________________ played a major part in the social life of the colonists.


What are three ways Ben Franklin helped the city of Philadelphia.

He established the first firefighting company in the colony, he established the militia, and helped raise money for the first hospital.

Farmers took thier crops to _____________ ________ to sell.

Market Towns

Most towns in the Middle Colonies had a _______________, gristmill, lumber yard and ______________ ____________.

blacksmith and general store


economic success


a skilled craftsman

What were some of the Imports of the Middle Colonies?

medicine, furniture, tea, and gunpowder

What were the major exports of the Middle Colonies?

Flour, lumber, furs, and salted meats

What were the teo major port cities in the Middle Colonies?

New York City and Philadelphia

What country was the major trading partner with the Middle Colonies?



a young person learning a trade from a master by working and living with the master for several years.

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