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How do the daughter cells at the end of mitosis and cytokinesis compare with their parent cell when it was in G1 of the cell cycle?

The daughter cells have the same number of chromosomes and the same amount of DNA

Cytokinesis usually, but not always, follows mitosis. If a cell completed mitosis but not cytokinesis, what would be the result>

a cell with two nuclei

A group of cells is assayed for DNA content immediately following mitosis and is found to have an average of 8 picograms of DNA per nucleus. Those cells would have _____ picograms at the end of the S phase and _____ picograms at the end of G2.

16, 16

Centrioles begin to move part in animal cells doing _____.


In function, the plant cell structure that is analogous to an animal cell's cleavage furrow is the _____.

cell plate

If a cell has 8 chromosomes at metaphase of mitosis, how many chromosomes will it have during anaphase?

8 (or 16)

Nerve and muscle cells are in his phase.


Which of the following organisms does not reproduce cells by mitosis and cytokinesis?


During which phase(s) of mitosis do we find chromosomes composed of two chromatids?

from G2 of interphase through metaphase

This is the longest of the mitotic stages

metaphase (or prophase)

What is the name for an enzyme that controls the activities of other proteins by phosphorylating them?

protein kinases

One difference between a cancer cell and a normal cell is _____.

cancer cells continue to divide even when they are tightly packed together

If there are 20 centromeres in a cell, how many chromosomes are there?


Which one of the following does not occur during mitosis?

replication of chromosomes

In teleophase of mitosis, the mitotic spindle breaks down and the chromatin uncoils. This is essentially the opposite of what happens in ______.


Which of the following phases of mitosis is essentially the opposite of pro metaphase in terms of the nuclear envelope?


The phase of mitosis during which the chromosomes move toward separate poles of the cell is ______.


One event occurring during prophase is ______.

the beginning of the formation of a spindle apparatus.

During anaphase of mitosis ______.

the centromeres divide, centrioles are at opposite poles, a spindle made of microtubules is present, identical chromatids move to opposite poles

Which one of the following represents a mismatch or incorrect description?

metaphase: the nuclear envelope disappears

Siste chromatids separate during ______.


Certain yeast cells secrete a molecule called the a factor. The purpose of this molecule is to ______.

stimulate an a year cell to for toward the a cell

Cells use different signaling strategies to achieve different goals. In hormonal signaling ______.

specialized cells release hormone molecules into the circulatory system, permitting distant cells to be affected

Steroid hormones can enter a cell by simple diffusion. Therefore steroids ______.

do not initiate cell signaling by interacting with a receptor in the plasma membrane

A small molecule that specifically binds to a large molecule is called a(n) ______.


G-protein-linked receptors ______. whereas receptor tyrosine kinases ______.

are not enzymes; have enzymatic function

Which of the following is activated when the binding of single molecules causes it to form a dimer?

tyrosine-kinase receptor

A G protein is active when ______.

GTP is bound to it

Phosphorylation ______.

can either activate or inactivate a protein

The source of phosphate for phosphorylation cascade is ______,


(Free Response) Describe the role of cyclin in the cell cycle.

Cyclin plays a vital role in the cell division of the cell cycle. At the end of G2 pause, cyclin combines with CDK. Once this happens, MPF is activated and now can enter into the mitotic phase of cell division. As cyclin accumulates MPF is able to pass the next checkpoint. As cyclin increase, MPF increases in activity. Once the MPF decomposes, cyclin turns in CDK/ This CDK is used as recycled material in the next cell division where the new cyclin joins with the recycled CDK to restated the process over again and finish out cell replication. Cyclin helps activate MPF so the cell can enter mitosis.

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