Behavioral Ecology Exam #3

Intrasexual Selection?
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Males with strange exaggerated traits. Essentially showy traits. Intersexual selection results in the evolution of strange traits, leading to the question, "What are females thinking?". It is more complicated. Females often show preference for show males with bright colors and enlarged ornamented traits, like peacock tails. They show preference for vocalizations. These traits may not be good for survival and may not be practical.
Vocalizations in tungara frogs, they make calls to attract females, a whirr and a chuck to them. The females really like the chucks, the problem is they are preyed upon bats, who are really good at picking up the chucks. You can whirr all you want, wont get many females, chuck really gets the females going, but chuck gets the bats too.
Providing food, nest sites, protection from predators, offspring care - males provide some type of direct benefit to female, whether it be survival or reproduction. She chooses males based on the quality of that service. Female hangingflies prefer males who provide larger prey during mating - Females wont let males mate with them for very long if food item is small, the larger the food item the longer the mating. The duration of copulation correlates linearly with sperm transger, at about 20 minute mark that's maximum sperm transfer, no point in mating any longer, Therefore there is a standard prey size that you want that alows this 20 minute copulation.Lady beetle is best gift for copulation. Male catches fly and uses it as bait for female, advertising it by fanning its wings and releasing perfume from the abdomen.