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  1. Ça me branche!
  2. En haut.
  3. C'est...comme tout!
  4. dingue
  5. marrant(e)
  1. a Upstairs.
  2. b wild, crazy, funny
  3. c funny
  4. d It's anything!
  5. e I'm crazy about that! (It plugs me in)

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  1. Downstairs.
  2. Over there, at the end of the hallway.
  3. That's so boring/annoying!
  4. On the second floor.
  5. At the entrance of....

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  1. Ce que c'est bien!Isn't it great!


  2. de mauvais goûtTowards the back.


  3. rasant(e)boring


  4. Tu sais où sont les toilettes?You know where the bathroom is?


  5. Pardon, vous savez où se trouve l'ascenseur?Pardon, where is the elevator?


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