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Module 5 Review

Results of European voyages of exploration in the 15th century

Native Americans came under domination, Africans removed from their homeland, Europeans dominated global politics

Contributing factors of the Age of Exploration

Spread of Christianity, search for gold, establish new trade routes

A negative result of European exploration of the Americas

spread of disease

What two European nations agreed to divide the New World of North and South America between them in 1494?

Spain and Portugal

Three European nations that led the Age of Exploration

Spain, Portugal, England

The forced migration of Africans to the New World was along the

Middle Passage

The primary Spanish interest in the New World


The "rebirth" of European culture after the Middle Ages was called the


Famous Renaissance artists

Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Dante

What branch of Christianity came out of the Reformation?


A German monk and professor at the University of Wittenberg who nailed his Ninety-five Theses (or "beliefs") to the door of the Wittenberg Cathedral.

Martin Luther

Most important Renaissance invention

Printing Press

The Renaissance began in this Italian city


The sale of indulgences

individuals could buy forgiveness


selling church offices to the highest bidder

the Inquisition

a church court, to investigate charges of heresy


the act of questioning or denying the established church teaching

John Wycliffe

Remembered for translating the bible from Latin into English

John Hus

Burned at the stake, for among other things, espousing beliefs in allowing people to read the bible for themselves

John Calvin

Believed in predestination and the idea that only grace and not works could save a person.

Ulrich Zwingli

Believed people should be allowed to interpret the bible for themselves

Abuses of the Catholic Church

The sales of indulgences, the practice of simony, the Inquisition, the corrupt clergy

Queen Elizabeth I

One of England's greatest monarchs, ruled during the "Golden Age."

The Spanish Armada

the Spanish navy defeated by the English navy

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