Texas History Republic of Texas

The place where congress (legistature) meet to make laws
What is the joining of a state to a country peacefully
What is an expense or (cost) account, or money paid out
What is money that is made or received
A synonym of taxes usually dealing with imports or exports
What are the presidents advisors called
What are official documents
The belief taht the (anglo) US citizens had the god given right to own and control all of the USA from east coast to west coast.
Manifest Destiny
What was the growth of the US towards the west
Westward Expansion
These people are members of the Texas state highway patrol; formally a mounted (rode a horse) lawman who maintained order on the frontier.
Texas Rangers
What is another name for the frontier
The wilderness or wild west
What does the term mounted refer to
Rode on a horse
Who was the President of the United States during the Texas annexation
James K. Polk
What are other words for country
Nation or republic
He was the leader during the Texas Revolution and was the 1st and 3rd President of Texas
Sam Houston
He was a leader during the Texas Revolution and was the 2nd President of Texas
Mirabeau Lamar
She was an anglo woman kidnapped by natives that refured to leave the natives when found
Cynthia Ann Parker
Who was the mother of Quanah Parker
Cynthia Ann Parker
What is money that is owed
Public debt
He was the 4th and final president of Texas
Anson Jones
This is a form of government in which leaders are elected for a specific period
This was a group of Nacogdoches citizens accidentally uncovered a plot of rebellion against the new republic of Texas
Cordova Rebellion
This was an commerical and military expedition to secure the republic of texas claims to parts of northern New Mexico for Texas in 1841
Santa Fe Expedition
Who unofficially initiated Santa Fe Expedition in an attempt to gain control over the Santa Fe Trail and further develop trade between Texas and New Mexico
Mirabeau B. Lamar
This event occurred when thrity commanche leaders and warriors along with some women and childen of the tribe were killed by Texan troops at San Antonio on March 19, 1840.
Council House Fight
What event that occurred on March 19, 1840 was said to have hardened Commanche hostility to whites in Texas
Council House Fight
Who was a pioneer who kept a memoir of their experiences in a diary. The memoirs have since been reprinted and provide a vivid picture of life on the Texas frontier.
Mary Maverick
Who had an eyewitnees account of teh Council House fight in San Antonio in 1840
Mary Maverick
During the Texas revolution I was given the important task of keeping the Cherokees friendly with the Texans
William Goyens
I was an interpreter with General Sam Houston in negotiating a treaty.
William Goyens
Sam Houston negotiated a treaty with me that would guarentee the Cherokees possession of 1.5 million acres of land in east Texas
Chief Bowles
Why did The Senate of the Republic of Texas invalidate the treaty it had made with Chief Bowles
The Cherokees has been briefly allied with Mexico
What navy was the offical navy of the republic of Texas
Texas Navy
I was a captain in the Texas Rangers and a military officer of the Republic of Texas
Jack Coffee Hayes
I served in several armed conflicts from 1836-1848, including against the comanche people in Texas and during the Mexican American Was
Jack Coffee Hayes
What happened in between the United States and the Republic of Texas in 1845
The United States annexed the Republic of Texas and admitted it to the Union as the 28th State
In what year did the United States annex the Republic of Texas
What conflict occured due to the annexation of Texas by the United States of America.
Mexican American War
What was one of the major reasons for the Mexican American Was
Mexico considered Texas part of its territory despite the 1836 Texas revolution
What treaty ended the Mexican American War
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
What did the United States give the mexican government in return for the gained territroy that extended the United States western border to the Pacific ocean
15 million dollars
What was established as the border between the United States and Mexico
Rio Grande
What was a set of laws passed due to arguments between groups favoring slavery and groups opposing it.
Compromise of 1850
What admitted California to the United States as a free (no slavery) state but allowed some newly acquired territories to decide on slavery for themselves.
Compromise of 1850
What is an increase in the number of peope who live ina certain area
Population Growth