Chaordic Leadership


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What does Chaordic mean?
the boundary between chaos and order
What is a Chaordic organization?
Constantly refines goals and means to achieve them, strong common purpose, distributed responsibility and rewards, autocatalytic.
Give an example of a Chaordic organization.
What advantages do Chaordic organizations provide?
Adapt and change, value employees
Describe Chaordic leadership.
-Manage yourself: (50%) your own integrity, character, ethics, knowledge, wisdom, temperament, words, and acts.

- Manage your superiors: (25%)it's important to get their consent and support before following through with actions.

- Manage your peers: (20%) getting their respect and confidence.

- Manage your subordinates: (5%) by introducing them to this process, they will be able to manage things for themselves and the actual managers wont have to get in their way.