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Biology Chapter 3 Vocab

Active Transport

Opposite of Simple Diffussion, material moves up the concentration gradient, uses ATP and a carrier protein.

Carrier Protein [Transport Protein]

Just like an enzyme, found in facilitated diffusion, and active transport.

Crenated [Plasmolyzed]

When cell shrinks by losing H20

Concentration Gradient

A difference in concentration of a substance over a distance.


entire contents of the cell, except the nucleus, bounded by the plasma membrane.


the movement of a substance down its concentration gradient from a more concentrated area to a less concentrated area.


the cellular uptake of materials in which the plasma membrane surrounds and engulfs extracellular materials


Cells REMOVE waste material

Facilitated Diffusion

the spontaneous passage of molecules and ions, bound to specific carrier proteins, across a biological membrane down their concentration gradients.

Gated Channel

for material to move, RIGHT chemical must be present


lipid covalently linked to a sugar or polysaccharide, an important part of animal cell membranes


protein linked to a sugar or polysaccharide, component of receptor molecules on the outer surface of cells


Over, above, in excess, 70% H20, 30% Stuff


Lower, less in environment


equal amount of stuff and stuff, H20 and H20


Simple diffusion of water H20

Osmotic Lysis

Animal version of hypotonic diffusion

Passive Transport

the diffusion of a substance through a biological membrane


type of endocytosis, cell EATING


type of endocytosis, cell DRINKING


always open for material pending on size and charge


false feet, cell engulfs

Selectively Permeable Memberane

allowing some substances to cross while preventing others from crossing

Simple Diffusion

Movement of material from high to low concentration

Turgor [Turgid]

plant version of hypotonic diffusion

Vacuole [Vessicle]

Area where materials are moved in cytosis

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