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  1. inverse
  2. contrapositive
  3. parallelogram
  4. quadrilateral
  5. similar polygons
  1. a a correspondence between their vertices such that corresponding angles are congruent and the measures of corresponding sides are proportional
  2. b a quad in which both pairs of opposite sides are parallel
  3. c four-sided polygon
  4. d negating both the hypothesis and the conclusion
  5. e switching and then negating the hypothesis and the conclusion

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  1. points that lie on the same line
  2. line that cuts an angle in half
  3. mid point on a line
  4. quad that has one pair of parallel sides
  5. a pair of adjacent angles whose uncommon sides are opposite rays

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  1. parallel linesa quad in which both pairs of opposite sides are parallel


  2. supplementary anglestwo angles whose degree measures have a sum of 180


  3. hinge theoremhypotenuse-leg, used to prove two right triangles congruent


  4. isosceles trapezoidthe segment that joins the midpoint of the legs


  5. mediana segment that joins a vertex of the triangle and the midpoint of the opposite side