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Math Vocab Ch 6

Math Ch 6 Vocab
alternate exterior angles
exterior angles that lie opposite sides of a transversal
alternate interior angles
interior angles that lie opposite sides of a transversal
complementary angles
the sum of two angles thaat adds up to be 90
congruent polygons
polygons hat have the same size and shape
corresponding angles
angles that have the same position on 2 different parallel lines cut by a transversal
polygon in which all angles are congruent
polygon in which all sides are congruent
exterior angles
the 4 outer angles formed by 2 lines cut by a transversal
interior angles
an angle inside a polygon
line of reflection
the line a figure is flipped over
line symmetry
figures that match exactly when folded in half
parallel lines
lines that never intersect, run on same plane
perpendicular lines
2 lines that intersect to form right angles
type of transformation which a mirror image is produceed by flipping a figure
regular polygon
a polygon that is equilateral and equiangular
supplementary angles
the sum of 2 angles that add up to be 180
a transformation in which a figure is sild horizontally, vertically, or both
line that intersects 2 or more other lines to form 8 angles
a mapping of a geomeric figure
vertical angles
opposite angles formed by the intersection of 2 lines, they are congruent