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Psychological Disorders

unique behavior

Which if the following is NOT considered one of the criteria for defining abnormal behavior?

NOT: a maladaptive behavior

Martin refuses to leave his house because he believes that his body odor is toxic to those around him. Martin's behavior is an example of

the individual should not be blamed for the disorder

An implication of the medical model of psychological disorders is that


What is the name of the manual that psychologists use to classify mental disorders?

Axis II

Mental retardation falls into what axis of disorders on the DSM-IV?

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Robert's teacher has sent several notes home to his family during the past school year. Robert is inattentive, hyperactive, and impulsive. Robert will most likely be diagnosed with

non-Latino white male

Who is most likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?

generalized anxiety disorder

Alex is almost always anxious at school, at home, and even when he is with his friends. Alex is most likely suffering from


A deficiency in which neurotransmitter is linked to generalized anxiety disorder?

panic disorder

Lola began having brief episodes of overwhelming anxiety about a year ago. She does not know what causes them, but she has had them in the grocery store, at busy restaurants, and once while driving. Her heart pounds, she has difficulty breathing, and sometimes she feels like her body no longer belongs to her. She is afraid she will go crazy or have a heart attack. Based on this information, Lola may have

NOT: obsession.

Oscar feels that if he does not circle his car five times before he gets in it, he will have an accident. The feeling that he is going to have an accident represents a(n)

repeating phrases

All of the following are common compulsions EXCEPT


The ________ may be smaller in individuals with OCD than in those who do not have the disorder.

major depressive disorder

Which disorder is associated with having too few serotonin and norepinephrine receptors?

dysthymic disorder.

It has been over two years since the death of her husband, and although Jenelle tries to go out with her friends for dinners and sometimes a concert, she still cannot seem to find much pleasure in life. Jenelle is most likely suffering from

NOT: behavioral

Which psychological approach would attribute a person's depression to escalating negative and self-defeating thoughts?

bipolar disorder

Last week your roommate Delia would not get out of bed. However, this morning she rushes into your room and hands you a three hundred page paper that she said she started writing yesterday afternoon. Delia may be suffering from


Postmortem analyses of the brains of those who have committed suicide tend to show low levels of

Althea who has a boyfriend but is always depressed

Who is LEAST likely to complete the act of killing themselves?

NOT: Those who talk about career accomplishments are less likely to complete suicide.

As reflected by the content of suicide notes, what statement best reflects the difference between those who attempt suicide and those who complete suicide?

Native Americans

Chronic problems of poverty, hopelessness, and alcoholism are consistent with the finding that ________ have the highest suicide rate of all demographic groups in the United States

NOT: lower volume of activity in the cerebral cortex.

Biological support for the notion that dissociative disorders are related to problems in pulling together emotional memories is found in the

social contagion

One possible reason for the increase in the number of reported cases of dissociative identity disorder is

NOT: deductive

Tyra thinks that the professor is giving the class a surprise test because she left her glasses at home. What type of thinking is Tyra engaging in

NOT: 3

The DSM-IV lists ________ different personality disorders.

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