Career Exploration-Unit 6 Review

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-self assessment
-career research: you can get information on the average pay offered for various occupations- also called compensation, wages, or salary- from many of the sources you already consulted to find the skills, interests, personality and values related to your careers of interest. these are also several internet resources that offer salary information free of charge
-if the pay is the same or more than your budget amount: this is a career that will pay enough for you to achieve your lifestyle dreams. If it also fits your skills, interests, personality, and values, and if you believe you have reasonable chance of getting a job doing this work, then you should probably keep it on your list and consider pursuing it
-if the pay is less than your budget amount: this career is unlikely to provide you with enough money to pay for the kind of lifestyle you want to have. you may wish to eliminate it from your list of potential careers. what if all of your career interest pay less than you wish to earn? or if one career has all of the other qualities you desire in a job, except it does not pay as much as you want? In these cases you have a few options:
o reconsider your values: could be happy living in a different place, or with roommates for example? one important area to think about is your family. do you hope to share your life with a romantic partner (the wording tho)? if so, will this person earn money also? perhaps together you can afford a lifestyle you both want
o investigate the career further: is the salary you found a starting salary that can be expected to grow if you do well and stay in the field? Are there some ways of doing this job, or places to do it, that pay more than the others? if, for example, your dream is to be an organic farmer, but individual farmers earn very little money, could you work for a large organic farm company or teach organic farming at college, or own an organic gardening center?
o consider ways to add to your income: do you have sources of money available to you besides your main job? could you, for example, take a second job during the first few years of your career?