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Mirandola's interpretation of why God created Adam is basically correct from a biblical perspective. Ture/False


Artists and philosophers during the Italian Renaissance understood clearly that one cannot be both a christian and a humanist at the the same time. True/false


Who described man as "the maker and molder of himself"


Humanism always begins with____and ends with___


The renaissance can be defined as a great cultural movement that produced which of the following?

Artistic trasformation/Scientific Revolution

The greatest works of Renaissance art come from the period of the High Renaissance (1475 to 1525) True/False


We see numerous examples of portrait painting among the artists of the middle ages. True/False


Which Renaissance painter that we studied depicted himself looking like Christ?


The newness of classical themes was one of the things that attracted Renaissance painters. True/False


Which Renaissance artist that we studied painted a sweeping depiction of the great figures of classical civilization?


Railroad tracks illustrate the optical illusion known as linear perspective. true/false


which renaissance painter that we studied flattered his patrons by putting them in a biblical scene?


Atmospheric perspective demonstrates how the eye sees distant objects. true/false


In his sculpture of moses, Michaelangelo tried to capture the "dramatic moment" when Moses confronted Pharoh in Egypt. True/false


Shakespeare provides a good example of the emergence of the modern concept of the individual in the northern renaissance. true/false


The reformation was essentially a distinct movement with little connection to renaissance culture. true/false


Probably the most important figure of the reformation was John Wycliff. True/false


In Principle, martin luther did not object to the sale of indulgences by the catholic church. true/false


The cultural values of thrift, industry and hard work are directionly pelated to the protestant reformation. true/false


The renaissance in northern europe was more secular and humanistic than the renaissance in Italy. true/false


The concept of individuality emerges both in the northern renaissance and italian renaissance. true/false


martin luther was converted as he taught through the book of genesis. true/false


one of the key ideas of the reformation is summed up in the phrase. "sola scriptura" true/false


In england during the reformation, the break with the catholic church was motivated by political reasons. true/false


european culture in the 17th century is best charecterized by which phrase?

period of conflict

you try three oranges out of a bag of ten and all three are sour. you conclude therefore, that the rest of the oranges are sour.


the name of galileo is best associated with what period?


during the modern age, the new science has developed from a method of scientific inquiry into an entire philosophy of life. true/false


what doers the phrase"idols of the cave" refer to?

Individual biases

the word "empiricism" refers to knowledge gained from authority and tradition. true/false


the textbook suggests that the seventeenth-century is one of the easier centuries for us to understand and analyze. true/false


what does the phrase "idols of the marketplace" refer to?

ambiguities of language

which of the following is not associated with "the century of genius?"

Da vinci

The scientific revolution helped bring about a new way of looking at the world in purely material terms. true/false


Voltaire was a great french writer and intellectual who defended christianity against the attacks of skeptics and rationalists. true/false


voltaire's philosophy is expressed by his most famous quote "man is born free" true/false


The impact of the enlightenment was largely confined to european culture and had little impact on the developement of american culture. true/false


the terms "age of reason" and "neoclassical period" both refer to the culture of the 18th century. true/false


According to the textbook, which enlightenment figure had the greatest influence on how the institutions of modern western culture have developed?


The enlightenment philosophers believed that mandind was capable of social perfection. ture/ false


it was commonly believe by the 18th-century philosphers that tradition is the foundation of truth. true/false


Rousseau is best known for his theories on which subjects?

Politics, Education, Society

Modern political liberalism shares its underlying view of man with the philosophy of Jean-jacques Rousseau. true/false


the enlightenment philosophers had a high regard for the truth of religion. true/false


by the end of the nineteenth century, materialism, and secularism had produced a widespread pessimism about the future of western culture . true/false


realism in nineteenth-century art can be understood as a reaction to what movement?


which of the following is most closely connected to the crystal palace?

the output of factories

which of the following is presented in chapter 23 as an important background to the emphasis on realism and material in nineteenth century culture?


Jean-francois millet

Gustave Courbet







The "columbian exchange"

The enourmous transfer of ideas and goods between old and new world. Crops and animals, pathogens, capitalist economics, slavery.

Mirandola's Oration

"Man is the maker and molder of himself" "Man is born free"


Rebirth of greco-roman art, Individualism, rationalism, humanism.

17th century defined by

Conflict- military, political, religious, intellectual

The enlightenment

Human reason

Neoclassical period

Art, focused on order, symetry, classics

The age of reason


The enlightenment


How "classical music" embodies and expresses the values of 18th century culture

Rational, order and balance

Three key beliefs of the enlightenment

1. Reason and Science is the foundation of truth
2. Man is naturally good
3. Man can comprehend and unify knowledge through reason


No reality apart from the real world

Similar ways Marx and darwin expressed materialism

1. We are products of our environment
2. the belief in human progress

Key example of materialism in art


key example of materialism in literature


key example of materialism in architecture

crystal palace, eiffel tower, brooklyn bridge, home insurance building

The idea of progress

The belief that history moves in the direction of contineous material developement and the bettering of the human condition

The end of western civilization

abandonement of core values, demographic changes in europe, victim of its success.

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