Coding Practice from exams

Lab test: rubella antibody
86762 (path: rubella-antibody)
Diagnostic Colonoscopy
45378 (path: Endoscopy-Colon-Exploration)
Incision and drainage of suppurative hidradenitis of arm
10060 (path: Hidradenitis-suppurative-incision & drainage-simple or single)
reference codes 49491-49525for inguinal hernia repair; what is the correct code for an initial inguinal herniorrhaphy for incarcerated hernia (patient is 47 years old)?
49507 (path: hernia repair-inguinal-initial 5 years or older-incarcerated or strangulated)
reference codes 11200-11201 for removal of skin tags; what is the correct code for removal of 16 skin tags? (2 codes)
11200, 11201 (path: removal-skin tags)
reference 11920-11222 for tattooing; what is the correct code(s) for tattooing of 40sq cm of skin? (2 codes)
11921, 11922 (path: tattoo-skin) if you read not after looking in tabular it says use 11922 in conjunction with 11921)
simple anterior nasal packing for epistaxis
30901 (path: Epistaxis 30901-30906)
gait training, 15 minutes
97116 (path: gait training)
assign the correct CPT surgical code to the following; do NOT append modifiers for this exercise cystourethroscopy with biopsy
52204 (path cystourethroscopy-biopsy)
blepharoplasty of the upper eyelid
15822 (path blepharoplasty, upper eyelid) (no modifier as upper eyelid is in the description)
insertion of temporary prostatic urethral stent
53855 (path: prostate-urethra-stent insertion, temporary)
reference codes 31360-31368 for laryngectomy; what is the correct code assignment for a laryngectomy with subtotal supraglottic and radical neck dissection?
31368 (path: laryngectomy-subtotal, supraglottic, with radical neck dissection)
what is the correct code assignment for destruction of 2 groups of internal hemorrhoids with use of infrared coagulation
46930 (path: hemorrhoids-destruction)
closed treatment of two rib fractures (2 codes)
21800, 21800 (path: rib-fracture-closed treatment) remember, two ribs...two codes
the patient reports that her breasts are too large and as a result she experiences severe back and shoulder pain. The physician performs a reduction mammoplasty
19318-50 (path: mammoplasty-reduction) Note: to report bilateral procedure, report modifier 50 w/ procedure code
Arthroscopic medial meniscectomy and chondroplasty of lateral compartment, left knee. (2 codes)
29881-LT, 29887-59-LT (path: arthroscopy-knee-with chondroplasty) left (then: just have to know drilling for intact osteochondritis w/ fixation is done also) 59 distinct proc. serv)
bilateral maxillary sinusotomies
31020-50 (path: sinus-maxillary-incision) Note: to report bilateral, use 31020 w/ modifier 50
arthrocentesis, ring finger of left hand
20600-F3 (path: arthrocententesis-small joint) F3 modifier for left hand, fourth digit)
closed reduction of fractured phalange, 5th digit right foot
28515-T9 (path: fracture-phalange-closed treatment, other than great toe, with manipulation each) T9 for right foot fifth digit
a moribund 35-year-old patient undergoes an incisional hernia repair (lower abdomen); assign the anesthesiology code only.
00832-P5 (path anesthesia-abdomen-hernia repair, ventral and incisional hernias) P5 modifier for a moribund patient not expected to survive without the procedure
incision and drainage of carbuncle on left hip
10060-LT (path: insision and drainage-carbuncle-skin, simple or single) LT modifier for left hip
Physician performs a suture repair of entropion of left lower eyelid
67921-E2 (path: repair-eye-eyelid-entropion-suture) E2 modifier for lower left eyelid
Physician performs bilateral vasectomy
55250 (path: vas deferens-excision, vasectomy, unilateral or bilateral) if one or the other do we need to specify??50 or specifiy 52 if only one is done?
anesthesia for repair of cleft palate, otherwise healthy child
00172-P1 (path: anesthesia-cleft palate) p1 modifier for a normal healthy patient
Append CPT/HCPC modifiers to the codes: Extracapuslar catarct extraction with insertion of Lens OS - 66984
Anesthesia for permanent transvenous pacemaker insertion, mild system disease
00530-P2 (path: anesthesia-pacemaker insertion) p2 modifier for a patient with mild systemic disease
Physician office record. Physician monitors the management of a patient who is taking long term warfarin therapy; during this initial 90 day period, the physician monitors the dosage with appropriate testing. What is the correct E/M code for the service?
99363 (path: Case Management Services-Anticoagulant Management)
Office Visit. Date of service 11.24.10 Last date of treatment 07.12.09The patient is seen for a routine blood pressure check; nurse documents BP: 135/90. Nurse asks about diet and exercise program; patient offers no complaints. What is the correct E/M code for this service?
99211 (path: E/M-established patient-that may not require the presence of a physician)
office visit Date of service: 9.28.10 last date of treatment: 8.03.06 The patient is seen for a chief complaint of shortness of breath and fatigue; the physician performs a detailed history, comprehensive exam and medical decision making is of moderate complexity. What is the correct E/M code for this service?
99203 (path: E/M-new patient because is has been more than 3 years since last date of treatment-requires 3 key components) 99204 is only 2 of the 3 so go back to 99203)
Consultation Cardiologist asked to render an opinion for a new patient who was admitted to the hospital; the physician performs a comprehensive history and physical exam and the medical decision making was of moderate complexity. what is the correct E/M code for this service?
99254 (path: E/M-Consultation-inpatient (because it says admitted) Comprehensive history & exam, MDM moderate (all 3 required because patient is new)
Assign E/M Codes to the following: Office visit Date of service 01.03.10 last date of treatment 02.17.07 The patient is seen for a cough and sore throat; the physician performs a problem focused history, expanded problem focused exam and medical decision making is straightforward. What is the correct E/M code for the service?
99212 (path: E/M- barely under three year due to month?
Skilled Nursing home disit. Date of service 01.09.10 last date of treatment 12.22.09 Physician performs a detailed interval history, comprehensive exam and medical decision making is of moderate complexity; in addition the physician reviewed the medical record and the recent lab results. What is the correct E/M code for this service?
Closed manipulation of right radial shaft fracture (1)
Puncture aspiration of a cyst of the left breast (1)
An asymmetric nevi, total excision size of 2.0-cm x 3.0-cm was removed from the patient's back; pathology report identified the specimen as intradermal nevi. What is the correct CPT code assignment for this procedure?
What is the correct CPT code assignment for electrosurgical removal of 3 nevi of the arm (size approximately 2.0-cm, 1.5-cm, 0.5-cm)? (3 codes)
17000, 17003, 17003
The surgeon replaces the peripherally inserted central venous catheter (PICC) through same access. (1)
Arthrotomy into the left ring finger to remove a piece of metal (1)
The surgeon performs an open thrombectomy of an AV fistula, without revision of the dialysis graft; what is the correct CPT code assignment for this procedure?
With the use of laser, the physician removed 2 benign lesions on the right side of the back.
The surgeon created a twist drill hole for evacuation of a subdural hematoma
Initial repair of incarcerated ventral hernia with insertion of mesh ( 2 codes)
49561, 49568
What is the correct CPT code assignment for hysteroscopy with lysis of intrauterine adhesions?
A patient was taken to the endoscopy suite; the endoscope was passed into the esophagus and continued into the stomach and into the duodenal bulb. Based on this documentation, what CPT code would be selected to represent this procedure?
Cystoscopy, ureteroscopy with lithotripsy and insertion of indwelling ureteral stent (2 codes)
52332, 52353
The physician documented the following surgical procedure for treatment of chronic otitis media: myringotomy with insertion of ventilating tubes in both ears; performed under general anesthesia. What is the correct CPT code assignment for the procedure?
Hysteroscopy with D&C and removal of fibroid (2 codes)
58558, 58561
EGD with removal of a piece of a chicken bone
Shaving of 1.5-cm epidermal lesion, scalp
Repair of nail bed, third digit-left hand
Patient had a laparoscopic incisional herniorrhaphy for a recurrent reducible hernia; the repair included insertion of mesh. What is the correct code assignment? (2 codes)
49656, 49568 ( Have a question on this one in to Mis Jean - don't think 49568 should be included per the note)
The physician performs an exploratory laparotomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy; what is the correct CPT code assignment for this procedure?
a patient undergoes a retrograde urethrocystogram; the same physician performs both the injection and the supervision and interpretation. What is the correct CPT code assignment for the physician? ( 2 codes)
51610, 74450
a single view, frontal x-ray of the chest was taken and the radiologist provided only the supervision and interpretation for the procedure; what is the correct CPT code assignment for the radiologist's service?
the radiologist provides only the supervision and interpretation of a hysterosalpingography; what is the correct CPT code assignment for the radiologist?
a physician draws blood to test for levels of T3 on a non-medicare patient; the blood is sent to an outside laboratory for analysis. When billing for the physician's services, which of the following modifiers should be appended to CPT code 84480?
what is the correct code assignment for bilateral EMG of cranial nerves?
physician orders part of a hepatic functions panel: serum albumin, total bilirubin, direct bilirubin and SGPT, SGOT. What is the correct CPT code assignment (5 codes)
820401, 82247, 82248, 84460, 84450
the pathologist performed a gross and microscopic examination of a kidney biopsy; what is the correct CPT code assignment?
a patient with medicare insurance undergoes a modified radical mastectomy; what would be the correct CPT code assignment for the anesthesiologist's services?
what is the correct CPT code assignment for IM injection of leukine
69. A MRI of brain (without material) was performed to rule out the diagnosis of cerebral vascular accident
ultrasound of the gallbladder
chlamydia culture
MRI of pelvis, with contrast material
lipid panel to include total serum cholesterol, triglycerides and HDL levels
gross and microscopic examination thoracic lymph node biopsy specimen
pregnancy test performed
administration of tetanus toxoid by IM injection (2 codes)
90471, 90703
Medical nutrition therapy (initial assessment and intervention) total of 1 hour (4 codes)
97802, 97802, 97802, 97802
chiropractic manipulation treatment of three spinal regions
individual inpatient psychotherapy, 45 minutes
3 hour glucose tolerance test (GTT)
patient screened for tobacco use and received cessation counseling
A 62-year-old patient is seen in the outpatient hemodialysis clinic for 3 face-to-face visits in the month of July for treatment of end-stage renal disease; assign the correct code to reflect services performed for the month of July.
30-minutes IV infusion of 2g of Rocephin
evaluation of auditory rehabilitation status, 1 ½ hour visit ( 3 codes)
92626, 92627, 92627
Vaginal ultrasound
screening for arsenic and mercury
injection of ampicillin, 500mg
patient being treated for spontaneous abortion has a D&C.
hearing aid, monaural, behind the ear
the surgeon excises a benign breast mass from the left breast for a patient
I-9 = 611.72......CPT/HCPCS = 19125-LT
a patient with medicare insurance has a diagnosis of ptosis of upper eyelid; in the hospital ambulatory surgical site, the physician performs a blepharoplasty on the left upper eyelid.
I-9 = 374.30......CPT/HCPCS = 15820-E2
physician excises a 2.5-cm lesion (basal cell carcinoma) from the patient's left arm; the excised margins extended 0.5-cm from around the lesion. A simple repair is used to close the wound.
I-9 = 173.6......CPT/HCPCS = 11403-LT, 12001-LT
nebulizer with compressor
patient has a torn medial meniscus; the physician performs a left medial arthroscopic meniscectomy.
I-9 = 836.0......CPT/HCPCS = 29880-LT
accu-check home blood glucose monitor
two feet of oxygen tubing (2 codes)
A4616, A4616
accessory tray for wheelchair
established patient seen in the physician's office for sore throat and a temperature; the physician performed a problem focused history, expanded problem focused exam and medical decision making was straightforward. The final diagnosis was acute pharyngitis.
I-9 = 462......CPT/HCPCS = 99213
Pair of full length surgical stockings (2 codes)
A4510, A4510
patient taken to the outpatient surgical site with a diagnosis of chronic hoarseness; physician performs a flexible bronchoscopy with cell washings and brushings.
I-9 = 784.49......CPT/HCPCS = 31622, 31623
patient with a diagnosis of rectal bleeding has a diagnostic flexible colonoscopy with snare removal of polyp.
I-9 = 569.3......CPT/HCPCS = 45382, 45383 If not correct indicate correct code(s)
injection of 0.5mg of digoxin
the physician repaired the 2.0 cm superficial laceration of the forehead and 2.5 cm laceration of the scalp with simple wound closure.
I-9= 873.42, 873.0......CPT/HCPCS = 12013 If not correct indicate correct code(s)
12011, 12001-59
cervical collar, foam, unadjustable
patient with menorrhagia had a laparoscopic lysis of adhesions of fallopian tube and excision of benign tumor of ovary.
I-9 = 626.2......CPT/HCPCS=58662, 58660 If not correct indicate correct code(s)
speaking valve for status post tracheostomy patient
face tent for oxygen