French Rev, Napoleon, and Congress of Vienna

44 terms by jordyn1222

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middle class

deficit spending

spending more than income


social classes

3rd estate

vast majority of population


lived well 1rst estate


1rst estate

louis xiv

14th left france in debt

louis xvi

indecisive hired necker who made most decisions

louis xviii

should have been king

tennis court oath

members of 3rd estate met and agreed never to split and met whenever


prisons for politicians and prisoners


notebooks called for return on fairer taxes freedom of the press

national assembly

3rd estate


flees country for political reasons


dramatic change in ideas practice and govt

liberty equality fraternity

slogan for french rev


loosely organized system of govt

womens march of versaille

13 mile walk yelling bread

marie antoinette

austrian daughter of maria theresa brother of joseph ii lived good life



national convention

radicals called for the election for a new legislative body


organized list

constitution of 1791

set up limited monarchy


right to vote


love or pride for ones country

committee of public safety

12 members incharge of trials and execution


shrew layer and politican quickly rose to leadership of commitee of public safety promoted religious tolerance and wanted to end slavery

reign of terror

robespierre sept 1793 to july 1794


chopping heads off

napoleon bonaparte

popular military hero politicians planned to use him to advance their own goals but failed

coup d' etat

take over of govt

napoleonic code

embodied enlightenment principles such as the equality of all citizens before the law, religious toleration, and abolition of feudalism


building of the consul

guerrilla warfare

hit and run against the french


step down from power


restoring hereditary monarchs

scorched earth

russian policy burnt down everything in sight past

congress of vienna

restore order such as equality of all citizens before law religious toleration abolition of feudalism


give or recieve money

balance of power

prevents ny one nation from being too strong

prince metternich

chancellor of austria hungary most powerful political figure


favor extreme change


middle fair fine


liberty and equality are most important

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