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historically traditional drama began when

spoken drama was introduced into shamanistic rites

the ancient greek god of fertility, wine, agriculture, and sexuality was


which of the following is not true of the greek chorus?

it offered individuals the opportunity to voice personal opinions

the liturgical troupe quem quaeritis

celebrates the visit of the three marys to the tomb of the cruficied christ

the renaissance was characterized by which of the following

a renewed interest in classical (greek and roman) civizliation

plays of the royal theatre era are characterized by

rational sensibilites

the central creed of the romantic theatre was


which of the following is true of theatre in asia?

a diverse tradition exists in asian theatre

the word kabuki

derives from kabuku, meaning tilting or askew, and refers to a style of behavior that might today be called hip or punk

realist theatre

has had a lasting effect on modern theatre

which is a characteristic of realist drama?

characters drawn true to life and subject to their individual social states

which movement, whose development paralleled but was essentially independent of realism, based its aesthetics on nature, particularly on humanity's place in the (darwinian) environment?


how did stanislavsky contribute to realist theatre?

he brought realistic acting to realistic plots

which of the following is true of symbolism?

through images and metaphors, symbolism explores the inner realities which cannot be directly or literally perceived

this type of drama, in vogue in germany during the first two decades of the 20th century, featured shocking and gutsy dialogue, boldly exaggerated scenery, piercing sounds, bright lights, an abundance of primary colors, and a not very subtle use of symbols, a structure of short, stark, jabbing scenes building to a powerful or deafening climax


which type of drama fits the following description: the theatre becomes a part of the content of play production, not merely the vehicle


this playwright, born in germany in 1898, emerged from WW1 as a dedicated marxist and pacifist, and consolidated his theories about drama into a body of plays that include the rise and fall of the city of mahagonny and the good person of szechuan

bertolt brecht

which movement was based on the idea that, although humans search for some meaning or purpose in life, they are met with the immutable irrationality of the universe, thus making the effort futile?


is musical theatre a form of antirealist theatre similar to expressionism and the theatre of the absurd?

no, because musical theatre, while seemingly antirealist, does not derive from a rebellion against verisimilitude but has aesthetics unique to its own performance

which of the following is not an example of the tradition of music in theatre?

the medieval portuguese drama subgenre known as musical tragedy

which city remains the international capital of the world's musical theatre?

new york

when did musical theatre begin to evolve as a specific genre of its own?

over the past 150 years of western dramatic history

the american broadway musical dates back to

the staging of the black crook, a melodrama, at niblo's garden in nyc in 1866 when a french dance company stranded in the city was added to the show

which of the following musicals retells the story of romeo and juliet with a contemporary polish american as romeo and a contemporary puerto rican american as juliet?

west side story

which production introduced full frontal nudity to the musical form?


which winner of the 1998 tony award for the best musical, directed by avant-garde director-designer julie taymor, derives its aesthetic from both african jungle and universal myth

the lion king

from a practical standpoint, theatre may be considered a conservative institution because it conserves

the history and conventional way of working as a theatre

postmodern playwrights and directors are mainly concerned with

the discontinuity of meaning

flashbacks that are not clearly framed as such, shuttling instead between time zones without narrative warning, are examples of

nonlinear theatre

this theatre formed by joseph chaikin in 1963, combined social improvisation with brechtian techniques and used character as a vehicle for direct interaction with audiences

the open theatre

which of the following is not true of the role of women in the history of drama?

women are more under-represented today in theatre than at any point since the 1650s

which of the following does not exemplify the contemporary trend toward revival?

plays which dramatize the life of the ancient playwrights account for a quarter of the productions off broadway

professional theatres operating on significantly reduced budgets and located primarily in greenwich village, soho, and upper east and west sides of manhattan became collectively known in the 1950s as

off broadway

which of the following is not true of nonprofit theatre?

nonprofit means that no one makes a profit; therefore, actors, stage designers, and all members involved in the production receive no salaries

the primary foundations of theatre are ritual and dancing


the work of shakespeare and ben jonson in england and machiavelli and commedia dell'arte in italy are examples of renaissance theatre


the principles of the romantic theatre were in reaction to the previous era's emphasis on rationality


performers in chinese opera are adept at singing, speech, acting, and acrobatics


the lasting impact of ibsen's play lies primarily in two qualities 1. their choice of issues and 2. the playwright's skill at showing both sides of an issue and conflict through brilliantly captured psychological detail


the theatre where chekhov collaborated with konstantin stanislavsky is the moscow art theatre


avant-garde means literally the major assault or shock troops


of all the isms, expressionism has given rise to the most significant body of modern theatre


musical theatre evolved initially as a revolt against other forms of theatre, particularly realism


marc blitztein's 1938 musical the cradle will rock was cancelled an hour before its new york opening by government officials who protested the play's "left wing propaganda"


the producers, the lion king, and spring awakening generate diverse forms of audience appeal, whether by attracting crowds of all ages, as with the first two shows, or bringing young people in their teens, twenties, and thirties to live theatre, as with the last.


the subjects that modern musicals have tackled include gang violence, unemployment, nazism, homosexuality, race relations, and environmental degredation


the extremity in artistic representation that responded to the social change of the sixties and seventies took a number of forms, including plays that feature urination, bold profanity, and total nudity.


the variety of theatre introduced to suburban america in the 1970s that produced light comedies, mystery melodramas, and musicals is commonly known as off-off broadway


some of the most historically significant and innovative theatres in the world, such as constantine stanislavsky's moscow art theatre and and andre antoine's theatre libre, began as community theatres run by amateurs


shakespeare festivals, which began in the great depression and now exist in every state, originated with summer stock productions


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