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rice dish with seafood, chicken, and pork. Rice is yellow in color from saffron spice.
tortilla española
Spanish omelette w/ potatoes and onion.
nougat bar made from honey & egg , often has almonds
pudding or custard like dessert with caramel
turnovers filled with meat, veggies or fruit
roasted pig
shortbread cookies sandwich together w/ honey or caramel
a milkshake made from rice milk, almonds & cinnamon
El Rastro
Madrid's most popular and largest flea market
Cibeles Fountain
fountain that has a marble statue of a goddess on a chariot pulled by lions. Madrid's soccer team gathers here to celebrate a win!
La Tomatina
La Tomatina is a festival that is known for being the biggest organized food fight in the world
Las Fallas
A festival celebrating St. Joseph characterized by display of large wooden figures burned on the last night.
La Feria de abril
La feria de abril is a 5 day festival celebrating the arrival of spring. Some traditions are bullfighting and flamenco dancing. This began as a livestock festival.
Semana Santa
Festival celebrating holy week. Robed, hooded people march in a parade
Retiro Park
A park in Madrid that has a lake where you can rent boats, see gardens, visit the crystal palace, eat lunch or play a game of soccer there.
Plaza Mayor
central plaza in Madrid, was the site of many coronations, bullfights and important celebrations , has a statue in the middle
La Mezquita
largest mosque in Cordoba, Andalucia built by the Moors
La Alhambra
A fortress & palace in Granada, Andalucia built by the Moors
La Sagrada Familia
A huge Spanish church designed by Antonio Gaudi. Still under construction today
Guell Park
Parkin Barcelona known for it's beautiful tile mosaics including the giant lizard
La Rambla
Large street in Barcelons known for shops, restaurants, street performers
El Prado Museum
Prado Museum is one of the largest art galleries in the world where many painting by the Royal artists of Spain are on display.
San Isidro Festival
This festival celebrates Madrid's patron saint, San Isidro. It is in honor of Madrid's patron saint.
Festival de la Merce
Festivalin Barcelona celebrating Our Lady of Mercy,famous for human towers, fire runs
Generalife Gardens
The gardens situated behind the Generalife Castle built by the Moors
City of Arts & Sciences
Modern complex of 6 buildings including an aquarium, an opera house, Imax theatre, science museum
butter cookies in the shape of a ball rolled in powdered sugar
Hanging Houses
Houses (3) that hang off of a gorge in Cuenca.
Aqueducts of Segovia
Served as a water bridge during the 1st century built by the Romans
a wafer like cookie rolled into a straw shape
fried dough served with chocolate
fried bite sized pockets with filling inside such as ham & cheese
cold vegetable, tomato soup
queso manchego
type of cheese made from sheep milk
a popular fish stew
crema catalana
a Spanish version of the French creme brule popular in Catalonia
cocido madrileño
a stew with meat & vegetables popular for the Fiesta de San Isidro
pan a la catalana
bread rubbed with tomato and drizzled w/olive oil
la tamborrada
a drumming festival that takes place in San Sebastian
El día de los Tres Reyes
A celebration on Jan. 6th when children receive presents
Ronda Bullring
The oldest bullring in Spain
Museo de Guggenheim
A musuem located in Bilbao known for its' modern art
Fiesta de San Fermín
A festival in Pamplona Navarra known for the running of the bulls
a beverage made w/wine and fruits
small sandwiches made w/crusty bread and meat and cheese
a type of sausage used in dishes or eaten alone as tapas
jamón serrano
a famous Spanish ham
gambas al ajillo
shrimp sauteed with garlic eaten as tapas
patatas bravas
potatoes served w/a spicy sauce at tapas time
palacio real
the royal palace in Madrid used for official business