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Not-For-Profit Fundraising

Most current scrip offerings, such as eScrip, focus on the _____ market.

Charge Card

A _____, offered by companies such as American Express, carries no spending limit, and the entire amount charged to the card is due at the end of the billing period.

closed Loop

In a(n) _____ system, the card issuer pays the merchants that accept the card directly and does not use an intermediary, such as a bank or clearinghouse system.

open Loop

Whenever a third party processes a transaction, the system is called a(n) _____ system.


A(n) _____ bank is a bank that does business with sellers that want to accept payment cards.


When a cardholder successfully contests a charge, the merchant bank must retrieve the money it placed in the merchant account in a process called a(n) _____.

Automated Clearing House

ACH is short for _____.


Internet payments for items costing from a few cents to approximately a dollar are called _____.

Small Payment

The term _____ refers to all payments of less than $10.


Some companies have begun to offer small payment and micropayment services through _____ telephone carriers.

Double Spending

_____ is spending a particular piece of electronic cash twice by submitting the same electronic currency to two different vendors.


_____ electronic cash is electronic cash that cannot be traced back to the person who spent it.

Serial Number

One way to be able to trace electronic cash is to attach a _____ to each electronic cash transaction.

Serial Numbers

Creating truly anonymous electronic cash requires a bank to issue electronic cash with embedded _____ such that the bank can digitally sign the electronic cash while removing any association of the cash with a particular customer.


PayPal earns a profit on the _____, which is money that is deposited in Paypal accounts and not used immediately.


The free payment clearing service that PayPal provides to individuals is called a _____ payment system.


A(n) _____ electronic wallet stores a consumer's information on his/her own computer.


A disadvantage of _____ wallets is that they are not portable.

Smart Card

A _____ is a stored-value card that is a plastic card with an embedded microchip that can store information.

Paper Checks

The largest dollar volume of payments today are made using _____.


_____ is a technique for committing fraud against the customers of online businesses.

Identify Theft

_____ is a criminal act in which the perpetrator gathers personal information about a victim and then uses that information to obtain credit.


_____ is a key element in a phishing attack.


_____ strategies can be used to improve the value that the business provides to its customers.


_____ strategies focus on reducing costs or generating value by working with suppliers or inbound shipping and freight service providers.


The _____ of an electronic commerce implementation includes the costs of hardware, software, design work outsourced, salaries and benefits for employees involved in the project, and the cost of maintaining the site once it is operational.


_____ is measured by the ease of expansion of bandwidth, disk space, and additional software (database, traffic analysis, and so on) that can be added to an account as it grows.


Which of the following techniques measures the amount of income that will be provided by a specific current expenditure?

Net Present Value

_____ is an example of a return on investment technique.


Hiring another company to provide the outside support for all or part of a project is called _____.

Early Outsourcing

In many electronic commerce projects, the company outsources the initial site design and development to launch the project quickly. This approach is called _____.

Partial Outsourcing

In _____, the company identifies specific portions of the project that can be completely designed, developed, implemented, and operated by another firm that specializes in a particular function.


A(n) _____ is a company that offers start-up companies a physical location with offices, accounting and legal assistance, computers, and Internet connections at a very low monthly cost.

Fast Venturing

In _____, an existing company that wants to launch an electronic commerce initiative joins external equity partners and operational partners that can offer the experience and skills needed to develop and scale up the project very rapidly.

Equity Partners

_____ are usually banks or venture capitalists that sometimes offer money, but are more likely to offer experience gained from guiding other start-ups that they have funded.

Operational Partners

_____ are firms, such as system integrators and consultants, that have experience in moving projects along and scaling up prototypes.

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