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  1. cardiovascular disease
  2. diabetes
  3. refined carbohydrates
  4. joints
  5. true
  1. a what does arthritis affect?
  2. b (T or F) Distress is negative stress
  3. c what reduces your cells sensitivity to insulin?
  4. d what is the fastest growing chronic disease
  5. e what is the leading cause of death in the united states?

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  1. what removes plaque from the artery walls?
  2. what is an individual's response to stress in severe cases called?
  3. how is blood pressure represented?
  4. increased levels of ______ ___ put and individual at risk for diabetes
  5. what measures the rate at which foods raise blood sugar levels?

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  1. weakening the immune systemhow does stress causes cancer


  2. inactivityas muscle temperatures increase so does ____________


  3. whole grainsoverall most college students do not consume enough _____ _______


  4. essential fatincreased levels of ______ ___ put and individual at risk for diabetes


  5. coronary heart diseasewhat type of cardiovascular disease that causes most deaths?