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  1. oxygen and nutrients
  2. stress
  3. overload principle
  4. adding hydrogen atoms to unsaturated oil
  5. General adaptation syndrome
  1. a to train at a level that is greater than what your body is accustomed to is called __________
  2. b what is the biggest impediment to academic success?
  3. c how are trans fats produced?
  4. d what does a malignant tumor need to grow?
  5. e what describes how the body responds to stress when homeostasis is disrupted?

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  1. as muscle temperatures increase so does ____________
  2. what is a non-cancerous tumor called?
  3. how many amino acids are there
  4. leukemias cause an increase in what?
  5. what removes plaque from the artery walls?

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  1. cancerwhat is the second leading cause of death in the US?


  2. BMIhow many amino acids are considered essential


  3. body fat percentagefrom a health standpoint ______ ___ _________ is more important than body weight


  4. jointswhat does arthritis affect?


  5. release glucose(T or F) In order to lose weight, an individual should strive to achieve a positive caloric balance