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  1. post traumatic stress disorder
  2. BMI
  3. stress
  4. flexibility
  5. lean tissue is a better conductor than fat
  1. a as muscle temperatures increase so does ____________
  2. b what is an individual's response to stress in severe cases called?
  3. c what is the biggest impediment to academic success?
  4. d bioelectrical impedance is based on the principle _____________________________________________
  5. e what incorporates height and weight to estimate weight classification

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  1. ______________ is the minimal amount of fat needed for normal physiological function
  2. (T or F) In order to lose weight, an individual should strive to achieve a positive caloric balance
  3. how many amino acids are considered essential
  4. where are complementary proteins found?
  5. what removes plaque from the artery walls?

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  1. blood pressurethe pressure exerted on the wall of the blood vessels is known as


  2. rheumatoid arthritiswhat reduces your cells sensitivity to insulin?


  3. release glucosewhat is one of the primary functions of cortisol?


  4. Burnout(T or F) it is realistic to anticipate that problems will occur when first starting an exercise program


  5. overload principleto train at a level that is greater than what your body is accustomed to is called __________