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  1. diabetes
  2. true
  3. voluntary
  4. resistant to insulin
  5. body composition
  1. a what is the fastest growing chronic disease
  2. b __________defined as the relative amounts of lean and fat tissue in the body
  3. c skeletal muscles are under what control?
  4. d (T or F) it is realistic to anticipate that problems will occur when first starting an exercise program
  5. e what does type2 diabetes do to your body?

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  1. ______________ is the minimal amount of fat needed for normal physiological function
  2. what do simple carbohydrates provide?
  3. overall most college students do not consume enough _____ _______
  4. what does a malignant tumor need to grow?
  5. what are the components of the FITT formula

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  1. HDL cholesterolskeletal muscles are under what control?


  2. body fatskeletal muscles are under what control?


  3. 12the majority of americans with diabetes have which type?


  4. hodgkins and non-hodgkinswhat are the two main types of lymphomas called?


  5. training effectwhat involves monitoring physical stress response


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