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  1. body fat
  2. Frequency, Intensity, time type
  3. biofeedback
  4. whole grains
  5. adding hydrogen atoms to unsaturated oil
  1. a overall most college students do not consume enough _____ _______
  2. b what involves monitoring physical stress response
  3. c what are the components of the FITT formula
  4. d increased levels of ______ ___ put and individual at risk for diabetes
  5. e how are trans fats produced?

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  1. (T or F) it is realistic to anticipate that problems will occur when first starting an exercise program
  2. ______________ is the minimal amount of fat needed for normal physiological function
  3. as muscle temperatures increase so does ____________
  4. what is the second leading cause of death in the US?
  5. what is a non-cancerous tumor called?

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  1. systolic over diastolicoverall most college students do not consume enough _____ _______


  2. plantswhere are complementary proteins found?


  3. voluntarywhere are complementary proteins found?


  4. diabeteswhat is the fastest growing chronic disease


  5. release glucosewhat is one of the primary functions of cortisol?