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Sgt. Peppers lonely heart club band
Psychedelic album
Released at start of "summer of love"
Paul m. Takes charge, bass as lead
Huge leap in album production ang packaging
Magical mystery tour
Soundtrack to psychedelic movie directed by Beatles
Sgt. Peppers lite
Double EP in Britain
Full LP in US
Beatles (white album)
2 albums
Return of John Lennon as dominant force
Mix of songs
George emerick quits
G. Martin holiday
Yellow submarine
Soundtrack to animated movie
Only 4 new songs-old hits and orchestral
Abbey road
Last Beatles album
Return of G. Emerick and G. Martin
Let it be
Originally titled get back
No overdubbing or production allowed
Sat in vaults for a year- Phil (wall of sound) Spector hired to complete LP
What does strawberry fields stand for
Salvation Army home for boys in Liverpool
How was strawberry fields remade
With 4t reduction mix
Penny lane
Psychedelic elements and strong nostalgia
Exotic sounds
What show was all you need is love written for
Our workd
All you need is love
First live international satellite hookup
French national anthem
"AKA La Marseillaise"
Hello goodbye
Led by Paul (double fracked)
4T reduction
Style of lady madonna
Fats domino/ Elvis Presley vocal style
Lady madonna
Piano riff
"AKA bad penny blues"
Return to RnR sounds
Hey jude
"AKA hey Jules"
First on Apple records
What was the Beatles last performance
Rooftop perf.- get back(let it be)
Who played keyboard for get back
Billy Preston
Idea for ballad of John and yoko
Songs should be like newspapers
Where the song something came from
James Taylor "something in the way she moves"
2nd most covered Beatles song
Come together
Written to Tim learys campaign slogan
Musical effects in come together
Paul swampy baseline
Towel over drums
Lead vocalist for with a little help from my friends
With a little help from my friends
4T reduction
Lead vocal for Lucy in the sky of diamonds
Musical effects for Lucy in the sky of diamonds
Verse ts 3/4 walz. Chorus 4/4
Flanging and varispeed
Uses guitar thru Leslie speaker
A day in the life
Beatles studio masterpiece
Lyrics inspired by newspaper (car crash and potholes)
I am the walrus
Police siren
Choir of 16 voices
Vocal for the fool on the hill
Paul (double track)
Presence of yoko
John records lead vocal lying on floor
10 min. Long
What song was recorded without ringo
Back in the USSR
Song when ringo is still in Sardinia
Dear prudence
Ob la Di, ob la da
Phrase from jimmy Scott
Ska beat
Recorded over two weeks
What song does Eric Clapton play guitar for
While my guitar gently weeps
Helter skelter
Paul influenced by who
Loudest raunchiest rock song
What song was a sound collage
Revolution 9
Revolution 9 influence by
Yoko onos "avant garde"
Number loud tape loops
What song was written in Eric claptons garden
Here comes the sun
I want you
Love song to yoko
"White noise"
The end
Ringos first and only drum solo
Paul added final couplet
Format of long and winding road
Two identical tape signals mixed together
Vocals sped up
Date of Sgt Pepper
June 1 1967
Why were Phillipines mad
Beatles stiffed a childrens party
What does john say that pisses people off
beatles are bigger than jesus christ
where was final performance
candlestick park, SF
what did beatles do during 3 month break
john costars in movie
paul writes with gm for films
george visits india
ringo stays at home
starberry fields forever
orphanage by Johns old home
used Mello tron, a sampling keyboard
Penny Lane
use 4x4 track for first tiem
used piccolo trumpet
sounded like beach boys
shes leaving home
written without GM, hurt his feelings
being for hte benefit of mr kit
I want to smell the sawdust on the floor "JL"
tapes of steam organs cut up and reassembled by emerick
with you, without you
lots of sitar
east meets west
when im sixty four
tune leftover from cavern club
3 clarinets
lovely rita
meter maid americanism
paper and comb sound effects
100% paul
good morning goodmorning
jhon 100%
insipired by frosted flakes commerical
lots of bass
guitar solo by paul
a day in the life
studio masterpiece
J and P
lyrics came from: guiness heir killed in car crash and potholes in lancashire
40 piece orchestra 5 times
buildup from nothing to end of world
dog whistle at the end
all you need is love
written for BBC show Our World
first international broadcast
Ringo was backtracked
you know my name (look up the number)
same lyrics over and over
its all too much
george harrison
last drug osng by george
goes on YS soundtrack
Paul takes acid
goes on TV and tells everyone about it
George needs to get high without drugs
goes to see The Maharishi
Transcendental meditation
spiritual guru to the Beatles
Briend Epstein dies
accidental overdose at 32
I am the walrus
first song after epsteins death
sound came from police sirent
GM scores it
The fool on the hill
paul plays recorder
100% paul
J and G on bass harmoicas
all wind
varispeed, double tracked chorus
Blue jay way
Indian summer of psychedelia
vocals through leslie
bw audio
George rents house in LA, nobody comes
Hello, goodbye
Paul writes a song says its easy with friends
back and fourth writing with friend
apple corps
beatles created the media company, big financial drain on the beatles
Feb 1968
two month retereat with maharishi
Lady Madonna
piano riff
Across the universe
john was metnall unstable
apple scruffs backing vocals
takes two girls from outside studio to back vocals
john hated final sesult of song
the inner light
georges third and ifnal indian style song
instrumental track record in india suing locals
lyrics taken from the tao te ching
hey bulldog
recorded instead of doing lady madonna vid
goes on YS LP
Yellow Sub Film/LP
film was ahuge success
album a ripoff, only 4 new songs
retreat in india
donovan (recording artist)
mike love (Beach boys), there for anger issue
Mia farow (actress)
Prudence Farrow (mias sister)
travis pickong
finger style
used by donovan
jhon learns
rock racoon
dear prudence
happiness is a warm gun
dear prudence
john wrote for julia to come out of her room, never played it
leaving india
ringo didnt like food. only had baked beans in his suitcase
paul leaves next
j and g stay a while
"Magic Alex"
head of apple studios
says he will build 72 track tape
spreads rumor Maharishi had sex with another female student
Yoko Ono
Joh nmet her at art exhibit
both were married originally
relentlessly pursued john
sent leters every day
revolution 1
john makes it slower and bluesier than original version
yoko in studio
first take was almost 10 minutes long
revolution 9
tape loop expirament
number 9...number 9...numer9...
john and yoko random tape loops
avant garde influence
revolution (single)
not on white album
heavily compressed drugms and distored guitars
paul didnt like revo9 so he went to do his own stuff
opening 3 chords inspired by bach
about civil rights movement
dont pass me by
Ringos first solo composition
#1 hit in scandanavia
hey judw
written for Julian Lennon
British dj said it would ot be a good single song
1st bealtes release on apple records
get back sessions
pauls idea to get back to basics
want to get back to playing concerts
yoko is around
always being filmed
yoko replaces george after george quits
george retusn says no live concerts and to record at apple
get back
john played lead
jhon thought it was about Yoko
original song about anti immigration
final public performance on roof
two of us
song about paul and linda
get marreid, have kid 7 monts later
john and yoko get married 8 days later
two virgins
nude cover of john and yoko
amsterdam "bed-in"
preaching peace
the ballad of john and yoko
diary of john and yokos antics
musical reporting
songs sohuld be like newspapers
theyer gonna crucify me
swan song
abbey road
8 tracks finally
song from john taylors song
was going to call it "i feel fine" but they already had done one of that
2nd most covered song
sinatra called it a j/p song
here comes the sun
wrote in claptons garden
moog synth
maxwells silver hammer
novelty about a serial killer
oh! darling
paul wanted his voice to sound weawk
octopus' garden
already a song about being under the sea
come together
written for tim learys campagin
he was lsd guru
busted for drugs
here come ol flattop from chuck berrys you can catch me
tea towels over drums
i wnat you (shes so heavy)
love song to yoko
uses synth for white noise
longest song aside from rev1
triple tracked vocals
inspirted by beethoven moonlight sonata
the long medley (abby road
8 songs
golden slumbs was a poem from 1600s
the end
ringos first and only drum solo
other 3 guitar solos
her majesty
final outro
happy accident
wasnt supposed to be in long medley, paul cut it out, engineer put it back in
paul "dies"
car crash after getting mad at sgt peper recording
john says i want a divorce
wants to do yoko music
plasic ono band concert
in toronto, with laus voorman, alan white and clapton, album is recorded
get back sessions2
let it be
sitting on shelf
paul drinking heavy
paul removes johns bass and rerecords
i me my
john didnt want to play it
last song started and finished by group
instant karma
JL single, george played on it. #3 in UK
Phil spector
serving life sentence for muder
puts orchestra on long and winding road, across the universe, i me mine
april 10, 1970
paul announces beatles are finished, relesaes solo album
the dream is over
plasic ono band first album after split
starts with funeral bell
maybe im amazed
mccartneys best song off new album
all tihngs must apss
georges album
my sweet lodr biggest song
ringos album
all tin pan alley covers iwht GM
white album marks creative return of
contains meldy of 10 songs
abbey road
sgt pepepr release date
june 1st 1967
first majro movie flop, move success
magical mystery tour
original premise, no production or overdub
let it be/get back
most psychedleic/beach boys album
sget pepper
lp with only 4 new songs
yellow sub
double ep in UK, album in states
magical mystery tour
album written in india
white album
last lp where all 4 worked togehterr
abbey road
acoustic song about paul and linda
two of us
artist, activist
musician, finisher
entertainer, down to earth