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Accuracy and Precision


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Define accuracy
How close a measured value is compared to the actual (true) value.
Define precision
How close the measured values are to each other.
What is accuracy depended on?
Instrument you are measuring with.
Why are measurements always at least a little uncertain?
You can always get more accurate with better tools.
Why is estimation a necessary part of making measurements?
It helps focus the measurement and gives a range when finding the answer.
Explain the phrase ' an instrument is only as good as its user.'
You can have the most accurate tools, but if you are lazy, and don't try, the measurement still won't be accurate.
What factors determine the precision of an instrument?
How you use it
How tool is set up
The sensitivity of the tool
Depends on what you need it for
What variable determines the accuracy of an instrument?
The person and the object