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When speaking of the arts, they are usually referring to:

music, dance, visual arts

a ____ is a particular material, along with its accompanying technique


After creating a traditional mandala, Tibetan monks destroy it to symbolize:

the impermanence of life

An awareness of beauty or to that quality in a work of art or other man-made or natural form which evokes a sense of elevated awareness in the viewer is called...


artist who are largely unaware of art history or the art trends of their time are often called:

outsider artists

Art that faithfully depicts the appearanace of things is referred to as


Art that simplifies or distorts the appearance of things is referred to as:


art that bears no resemblanance the appearance of things is referred to as


The symbolic meaning of visual signs and imagery is called


The method of creating the illusion of depth through the appearance of converging parallel lines and one or more vanishing points is called:

linear prespective

The visual elements of art include all of the following except


Architects are primarily concerned with qualities of


value in the art sense refers to

lightness and darkness

the term of purity, saturation, or brilliance of a color is


the difference between shape and mass as visual element is that

shape is a 2-dimensional form and mass is a 3D form.

the result of the process of arranging, selecting and ordering is called


_____ refers to size relationships between parts of whole


The technique of artificially enlarging proportions to show importance, as in Egyptian

hierarchic scale

the juxtaposition of strongly dissimilar elements is referred to as


_____ is the appearance or condition of oneness in a work of art


Repetition of sikmilasr elements in a work art creates the illusion of


In ____ balance, the two sides of composition on either side of an imaginary vertical dividing line correspond to one another in size, shape and placement


The ______ used today is/ are similar to drawing media used by prehistoric people


pastel, charcoal, pencil and ____ are all used in dry drawing media

conte crayon

Drawing may be easier to learn because drawing is less ___ than writing.


the three purposes of drawing are: to record, to ___ and to make a finished artwork.

notate or study

Pencil, charcoal, and chalk are examples of

dry media

Drawing is considered to be the _________ of all other media.


Drawings done with ink thinned with water and executed with a brush are referred to as


In painting media, the pigment mprovides


opaque watercolor is sometimes called


one of the advantages of oil paint is its

slow drying time

A very thin, transparent film of color painted over an already-painted surface is called


A type of painting utilizing egg yolk as a binder is


A type of painting utilizing plaster as a medium is


in buon fresco the pigments combined with water, are applied to

wet plaster

An extremely thick application of oil paint is called


Engraving, etching and ____ are intaglio processes


Original prints are produced in quantities called


What is a type of relief printing?

wood engraving

the fraction that appears in the center of a print below the image is referred to as the _____ number.


What is a type of stencil printing?

screen printing

Which media does the artist draw an image with greasy crayon directly on a flat stone slab


The ____ cut is a modern development in relief printing?


one of the earliest forms of photographic images was a


The device invented in the 16th century as a means of replicating images from the natural world whose name means "dark room" is

camera obscura

Film depends on a phenomenon called ____ in which the human brain retains a visual image for a fraction of a second longer than the human eye records, making everything we see continuous and uninterrupted

persistence of vision

The arrival of sound to film occur ed in


A series of images arranged in sequential order, intended to aid in the visualizing major shots in a film is called a


The art of composing printed material from letter forms is called


An illustration is commonly used alongside

written material

The goal of graphic design is to

get us to do something

An identifying mark or trademark is referred to as a


The short lines or feet at the base of type are called


Non-italic typesetting is known as____ type.


A _____ is an identifying mark based on pictorial (rather than typographic)


Title sequences for Hollywood movies are good examples of _____.

motion graphics

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