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Corporations distribute profits to their owners in the form of


A business's legal form of organization has no effect on how much taxes it pays.


A limited partnership involves a complete sharing in the management of a business.


A limited partnership always has at least one general partner, who assumes unlimited liability.


Sole proprietorships typically employ fewer than 50 people.


In creating a corporation, once the articles of incorporation are filed with the appropriate state office, the state may then issue a

Corporate Charter

If you want to go into business for yourself, the easiest way is a sole proprietorship.


In the US, men are twice as likely as women to start their own business.


About three-quarters of all businesses in the United States are sole proprietorships, and they earn somewhere around 10 percent of total business income. We may conclude that

there are many sole proprietorships, but their average income is small.

Which of the following is an advantage of a partnership?

Ease of organization

Which of the following is a disadvantage of a partnership?

Difficulty of selling ownership

Big City Financial is attempting to avoid a hostile takeover by a corporate raider by allowing stockholders to buy more shares of stock at prices lower than current market value. Which of the following methods is being used to avoid the takeover?

a poison pill

In most states, corporations must have "corporation," "incorporated," or "limited" in their names to show that their owners have limited liability.


A sole proprietorship is a popular form of business because

it is easy to form

In a partnership, all partners are equally liable.


A corporation doing business outside the state in which it is chartered is known as a(n)

foreign corporation

Sole proprietorships have the least degree of secrecy.


All states require partnerships to have articles of partnership.


Articles of partnership are required by many states for businesses that have two or more co-owners. The issues covered usually include all of the following except

classes of stock to be issued

Shark repellant is a method of thwarting a corporate takeover in which management requires a large majority of stockholders to approve the takeover.


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