20 terms

Chapter 9

Compared with those who perceive an external locus of control, people who perceive an internal locus of control are more likely to
cope effectively with stress
Ego is to id as ________ is to ________
reality principle; pleasure principle
Janine is repulsed by the thought of watching a pornographic video. Freud would have attributed these feelings to Janine's
Projective tests are most closely associated with the ________ perspective.
A person who is careless and disorganized most clearly ranks low on the Big Five trait dimension of
The perception that your fate is determined by luck reflects
an external locus of control
Freud suggested that slips of the tongue illustrate an incomplete
Which neo-Freudian theorist emphasized the influence of the collective unconscious in personality development?
Carl Rogers referred to an attitude of total acceptance toward another person as
unconditional positive regard
Freud suggested that the id's pleasure-seeking energies focus on distinct pleasure-sensitive areas of the body known as
Erogenous zones
According to Freud, boys are most likely to experience the Oedipus complex during the ________ stage.
According to Bandura, reciprocal determinism involves multidirectional influences among
behaviors, internal personal factors, and environmental events.
People who score high on the Big Five trait dimension known as ________ are also more likely to earn better high school and university grades.
Self-actualized people, as described by Maslow, are LEAST likely to be highly
A consistent tendency to be shy is best described as a(n)
Which of the following personality inventories did we take in class?
Coretta is quiet, pessimistic, anxious, and moody. In terms of the Eysencks' basic personality dimensions she would be classified as
Mrs. Smith, who is White and unconsciously in favor of racial segregation, tells her friends that most Blacks prefer to live in residential neighborhoods inhabited predominantly by Blacks. According to psychoanalytic theory, Mrs. Smith best illustrates
According to Freud, defense mechanisms are used by the
ego to prevent threatening impulses from being consciously recognized.
Learned helplessness is MOST likely to be associated with
an external locus of control