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The uterus is the female's most important producer of female sex hormones


Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as a psychological disorder


What layer of the uterus is partially shed during menstruation


What is a quadruped

Any animal that walks on four legs

If Freud is correct, sexual urges are LEAST important while a child is in which stage


What is another name for the introitus

Vaginal opening

A woman has become pregnant. Which hormone has contributed most directly to pregnancy


Early sexual researchers form the 19th century concentrated on the healthy and positive aspects of sexuality


Which statement is TRUE about menstrual manipulation

It is done with pills which suppress the growth of the uterine lining.

According to the free love movement that began in the 80s, what should the prerequisite for sexual relations be


The labia minora joins at the clitoris to form the prepuce


What is a potential benefit of online communication

Physical characteristics are less important

Iran has one of the highest rates of sexual reassignment surgery in the world


What is the area of tissue between the vagina and the anus called


In cultures that practice female circumcision, the procedure typically occurs at birth


When we want to project an image with our message, which of the three goals of communication are we focusing on

Identity management

What category/style of communication skills do people tend to prefer when they want to discuss strategies or learn more about a topic


According to the 19th century medical mode, homosexuality is a sin


Couples who report disagreements in the relationship tend to experience higher levels of satisfaction than couples who report that they do not fight at all


What best describes how semen was viewed in early Chinese civilization

Sacred and precious

Research finds that couples who communicate with each other about sexuality issues are

More likely to report higher levels of relationship satisfaction.

According to Martin Luther, how did Protestantism differ form the teachings of the Catholic Church

Protestantism allowed divorce

If a woman has a hymen that is not intact, what can we safely assume

None of these: she is not a virgin, she has used tampons, she has engaged in vigorous exercise that has ruptured the hymen

What layer of the uterus contracts to expel menstrual fluid and push the fetus out of the womb during labor


The Kama Sutra contains guidance to couples about the dangers of having passion within sexual relations


Which are men more likely to do than women in conversation

None of these: use disclaimers, use tag questions, use hedge words

If gender-specific behavior is largely determined by biology, what is the behavior most accurately called

A gender trait

Sara is experiencing vaginal burning and rawness along with a sometimes stabbing pain in the vaginal area. Although her gynecologist has been unable to identify a specific cause, what is most likely the diagnosis


A research process is a set of assumptions, principles and methods that help a researcher understand the nature of the phenomenon being studied


What was the 19th century cure for hysteria

The vibrator

In the famous Brenda/Bruce story, it was shown how a transgendered person could find psychological well-being through sex reassignment surgery


What statement best describes Sheila Rothman's belief about the context of womanhood

What it means to be a woman has shifted from one time period to the next

According to the communication researcher, Deborah Tannen, women tend to use more _______ talk while men use more _______ talk

Rapport; report

Temple prostitutes were women who would have sex with worshipers to provide money for the temple


What is a characteristic of a good lover

He or she is direct in telling her partner what he or she needs for sexual satisfaction

What factor(s) contribute to communication problems for couples

All of these: health problems, inability to self-disclose, economic stressors

In the 500s, King Henry VIII of England divorced Catherine of Aragon because she gave birth to a daughter and not a son

Henry VIII's reasoning was Inaccurate: sperm cells carry the Y chromosome

What describes the ritual act of sati among Indian women

The tradition of widows throwing themselves on their husband's burning funeral pyre

Amenorrhea is a condition in which a female experiences excessive flow during menstruation


What was one result of the Social Hygiene Movement

Laws were passed mandating blood tests before marriage

Which type of cancer of the female reproductive system is most likely to lead to death


In the US, there is a particularly high value on

Physical attractiveness

What are the four main areas of PMDD symptoms

Mood, behavioral, somatic, cognitive

Most hormonal secretions are regulated by the brain


How did the Planned Parenthood organization first begin

As a birth control clinic in New York

Conservative politicians have repeatedly been successful in eliminating funding for sexuality research


According to the Onion Theory of communication people have the tendency to reveal information about themselves form the inside out


According to Epstein, what aspect of human behavior perpetuates gender inequalities

Dichotomous thinking

During the Renaissance, society turned from a focus on human beings to a focus on God


What was the name for a man who had his testicles and/or penis removed to prevent him from engaging in sexual activity


Related to sexuality in dating relationships, couples who wait to have sex in a relationship

Experience better relationship outcomes

Joe and Sharon have been married for 5 years, which of the last 5 they have chosen to no longer engage in sexual behaviors. What kind of marriage is this

Asexual marriage

Which group of teens was found to have lower GPAs, care less about school and experience more school problems

Teens engaging in casual sex

What are same-sex couples more likely to report in their relationships than other-sex couples

Equal sharing of household responsibilities

What is one of the most reliable predictors of whom a person will date


All of the following are true EXCEPT

Girls most often learn about masturbation from other girls

Research has found that age and relationship length are both positively related to intimacy and commitment


What is found to detect more than 50% of cases of prostate cancer in its early stages

Rectal exam

All of the following statements describe the epididymis EXCEPT

It is where sperm can be stored for several months

All of the following statements regarding arranged marriages are true EXCEPT

Arranging marriages in the US is illegal

What is true of teenage pregnancy rates

Rates of pregnancy, birth and abortion since 1990 have dropped among African-American teens

According to your text, what can the strong history of protection of heterosexual marriage in the US be tied to

Procreative health

All are true about teens and contraceptive use EXCEPT

Teens in long term relationships are less likely to use contraception methods

People use their body language to reveal their level of attraction when meeting someone for the first time


Which stage of attachment is most likely used to describe babies who have caregivers who are uncomfortable with affection and force separation at an early age


According to research, what is the reason why the majority of extramarital affairs occur

Unmet emotional needs

A man is experiencing a bump in his scrotum. This happened while he was lifting heavy boxes. What condition is he most likely to have

Inguinal hernia

The best approach for parents whose five-year-old child walks in on them while they are having sexual intercourse is to

All of these: explain to the child that he or she should not imitate their behaviors, teach the child to knock before entering the bedroom in the future, have an honest discussion about love and intercourse

What is a term that identifies the group of people a person may be attracted to

Field of eligibles

The urethra carries urine outside of the body and the corpus cavernosum carries sperm outside of the body


Between 1990 and 2008, birth increased in which group

Older women

According to an evolutionary scientist, what characteristic of the penis would serve an important function related to sperm competition

Coronal ridge

What are some possible explanations for the lower reports of sexual activity among lesbian women

All of these: woman are less likely to initiate sex, women tend to have a lower sex drive, sexual occurrences last longer resulting in fewer overall

How many sperm per milliliter on average does each ejaculation contain

50 - 150 million per milliliter

Current research available on cohabitation makes it difficult to determine if couples who live together and later divorce would have been just as likely to divorce had they not lived together


Compared to a generation ago, those who got married in the early 21st century are more likely to be

Older and about as happy with their marriages

The American term for "dating" seems to be a universal concept used cross-culturally


What is 60-70% of semen made up of

Fluid form the seminal vesicles

Which of the following area(s) has been studied related to sperm production

All of these: cell phone use, alcohol use, bicycling

Ovulation typically produces just one egg per cycle. Why does ejaculate contain more than just one sperm

Sperm work together to achieve fertilization through combined enzyme production

Which of the following aspects of love does a person's culture impact

All of these: how easily he or she falls in love, who he or she falls in love with, how the relationship proceeds

What method did psychologist, John Alan Lee, use to identify the six different ways to love which he called "colors" of love

He collected statements about love from works of fiction and nonfiction including both ancient and modern authors.

The finding that gay men are more likely than heterosexual men to believe that "you should share your most intimate thoughts and feelings with the person you love" can possibly be explained by which statement

Gay men tend to adopt fewer stereotyped beliefs about gender roles

Annual prostate exams are recommended for men beginning at 60 years of age


Related to research on sex within marriages, what has been found

Reports of more frequent sexual behavior is correlated to higher levels of relationship satisfaction

What is one of the reasons given in your text for why current research on cohabitating couples may be skewed

We lack adequate relationship labels to define different "forms" of living together

Which of the following have been found to impact sperm production

All of these: soaking in a warm tub, wearing tight fitting underwear, using a laptop computer rested on the legs

What is the primary reason that the testicles are located outside of the body

Sperm need to be kept cooler to survive

Which of the following countries tends to have the lowest degree of conflict in intimate relationships


Riley has been asking questions such as "why do some girls have larger breasts than others

" and "do boys have a period too?" How old is Riley likely to be? 9 or 12

What is the term used to describe the set of behaviors developed in adolescence that we use to forge close relationships throughout our lives

Intimacy repertoire

The majority of women and men report that penis size is a significant factor in the quality of a sex partner


Which statement regarding male circumcision is TRUE

Circumcision is mainly practiced for religious and cultural reasons

By what age is a child's attachment style typically established

2 years

What characteristics do countries that have lower rates of teen pregnancy, abortion, and childbearing have in common

They have more liberal attitudes towards sexuality

Wayne is 50 years old and has recently developed a painful curvature of his penis, making penetration impossible. What would his diagnosis be

Peyronie's disease

What types of sexuality education programs were found to delay sexual behavior and reduce frequency of sexual behaviors and unprotected sex

Comprehensive education that includes abstinence and contraceptive information

What structure releases gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH), signaling the physiological start of puberty in boys

The hypothalamus

Sperm requires temperatures cooler than the body's temperature for viability


Heterosexual men and women systematically underestimate the attractiveness of members of their own sex


Similar to a condom, what can also be used to cover the vulva or anus during oral sex to prevent the transmission of STIs

Dental dam

What can be concluded about reparative therapy

Reparative therapy may do more harm than good

As of 2011, Facebook relationship status options included "in a civil union" and "in a domestic partnership."


What position for sexual intercourse is suggested as the most effective for procreation


High levels of religiosity are correlated with low levels of

Premarital sex

Low family acceptance during the coming out process is related to the increased risk of

All of these: suicide, use of illegal drugs, unprotected sexual activity

What position for sexual intercourse do sex therapists often recommend for couples experiencing difficulties with early ejaculation or lack of female orgasm


What is special about the adrenal glands of the baby during birth

They are abnormally large, allowing for increased heart rate during the birthing process

What is the period of time after orgasm during which a man cannot be re-stimulated to orgasm called

Refractory stage

Which of the following sexual fantasies are reportedly more common among men than women

Having an aggressive partner

From the second through eighth weeks of pregnancy, what is the medical term for the developing human


What happens during the first stage of labor

Placenta expulsion

During what phase of the sexual response cycle is a man most likely to have a loss of erection due to distractions


What state struck down its laws against same-sex adoption in 2010


What change occurs in a woman's breasts during sexual arousal

Nipples may become erect

If a couple is experiencing a discrepancy in desire, meaning that one partner desires more sex more frequently than the other, who would be more likely to be identified as having a sexual problem

The partner with the lower level of sexual desire

A mother breastfeeds her infant exclusively through the first 6 months and then continues breastfeeding until the child is. Whose recommendation is she following

World Health Organization

What is the term for the practice of engaging in same-sex sexual behaviors while excluded from heterosexual encounters (such as in prison) with the plan to return to heterosexual relationships

Situational homosexuality

Which of the following describes hate crimes

All of these: hate crimes include crimes motivated by hatred of religion, sex, race and sexual orientation; according to the APA, hate crimes against homosexuals are the most socially acceptable crimes; hate crimes are known as "message crimes."

The purpose of the placenta is to separate the mother's blood supply from that of the developing fetus

True; the placenta prevents the mother's immune system form attacking the baby

Exercise is not advised during pregnancy


What has been found related to cross cultural factors and abortion statistics

Countries that have more liberal abortion laws have lower rates of abortion

What is a criticism of how the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) classifies sexual dysfunctions

It is heterosexist

If one's partner is free of sexually transmitted infections, it is safe to swallow the male ejaculate


Extended cycle birth control pills are designed to reduce what

The number of menstrual cycles experienced in a given year

What is the method called when the penis is gently stretched and medication to increase blood flow is introduced to the penis

Intracavernous injections

All of the following are true related to erectile dysfunction and pharmacological treatments EXCEPT

Erectile dysfunction drugs work by causing an erection without needing any additional sexual stimulation

By day 8 the embryo

Has gills and a tail

Which theory would contend that homosexuality is the result of various reinforcements and punishments


Douching immediately after having vaginal intercourse while not a fail-safe method, has been found to reduce the risk of pregnancy


Which of the following can affect the sexual response cycle in women

All of these: the amount of time spent in each response phase, previous childbearing, menstrual cycle

What percent of all diagnosed pregnancies end in miscarriage

15 - 20%

Which vitamin supplement are pregnant women often advised to take

All of these: folic acid, B6, iron

Using cryopreservation techniques, people can choose to collect, freeze and store _______ for later pregnancy attempts

All of these: sperm, ovum, embryos

What is the name for an increase in blood flow to the genitals during the first phase of the sexual response cycle


Masturbation is unique to humans


Which of the following is NOT a process that facilitates conception

A mucus plug appears in the cervix to trap sperm.

What statement regarding sex during pregnancy is TRUE

Some cultures believe semen is essential throughout pregnancy for proper fetal development.

In the Sambian culture, males practice sequential homosexuality primarily through what sexual activity

Oral sex

Genital pain associated with sexual behavior is referred to as dyspareunia


While masturbation is common for both men and women, what is one of the most common differences related to gender and masturbation

Frequency of masturbation

All of the following are true of psychoanalytic theory and sexual orientation EXCEPT

Males who were abandoned by their mother were more likely to be homosexual

Ever since giving birth to her second child, Amber is no longer able to orgasm during intercourse. She is able to orgasm during masturbation and she used to be able to orgasm through intercourse. How would her problem most likely be classified

Secondary and situational

Rates of victimization from hate crimes are higher for boys than girls


Which of the following statements regarding spinal cord injuries and sexuality is TRUE

Prosthesis implantation in men with spinal cord injuries have shown high satisfaction and low complication rates

What is the estimated rate of abortions for women of reproductive age in the US

1 out of every 3

A 40 year old woman could be diagnosed with infertility after having regular unprotected sex and not conceiving after how many months

6 months

What describes the male sterilization process

It involves lower rates of complications than female sterilization

What statement is most descriptive of condoms

Condoms have been used since the beginning of recorded history

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