Identity, Labels, & Power

How you see yourself; how you answer the question, "Who am I?"
Words other people attach to us
We and They Thinking
The tendency of human beings to 1) Sort people into distinct groups, 2) Apply labels to these groups, and 3) Judge people unfairly based on these labels.
Fitting in; acting in agreement with generally accepted social norms
To conform
To fit in; to comply with rules, laws, or expected behavior
The ability to control other people, our surroundings, and ourselves.
Physical power
Power that comes through physical force or the threat of physical force.
Economic Power
Power that comes with money and other forms of wealth
Political power
Power that comes with governing/leading a group or participating in government. This is formal power - based on written rules, laws, or contracts.
Social power
Power that comes from an ability to control relationships. This is informal power, based on customs and traditions, not written rules or laws.
Intellectual power
Power that comes from knowledge.
Someone who participates in an organized movement designed to improve the world. These are men, women, and children who work outside the government to create justice.
Higher in rank, status, or quality
Lower in rank, status, or quality