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  1. National Assembly
  2. Napoleon Bonaparte
  3. Alexander I (of Russia)
  4. George Jacques Danton
  5. Consulate
  1. a French Revolutionary assembly (1789-1791). Called first as the Estates General, the three estates came together and demanded radical change. It passed the Declaration of the Rights of Man in 1789. (p. 585)
  2. b sided with Napoleon against the British
  3. c Form of government which followed the directory -established by Napoleon-ended when Napoleon was crowned emperor.
  4. d leader of the Jacobins and charges
  5. e ruler of france from 1799-1815; made many promises to France that he would fix all their problems, almost like a dictatorship. he takes advantage of the open slot for a leader that France has

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  1. liberty, equality, fraternity
  2. Expression of the people's will by direct ballot
  3. having political or social views favoring reform and progress
  4. favoring extreme changes, especially in politics and government
  5. Louis XIV's grandson, remembered for being a very lazy king. Got france involved in many religious wars, he ran the country dry from the lavish lifestyle he was living

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  1. Louis XVIIIinherits the country on the verge of it collapsing; VERY POOR KING-did not do his job; had no interest in anything political, would have rather been a locksmith. married Marie Antionette at a very young age


  2. Bicameralhaving political or social views favoring reform and progress


  3. The Great Feara vast panic that spread quickly through France in 1789; peasant rebellions bacame part of the Great Fear; citizens, fearing invasion by foreign troops that would support the French monarchy, formed militias


  4. "The Mountain"the political and social system that existed in France before the French Revolution


  5. Estates-Generalcomposed of two legislative bodies