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  1. Storming of Bastille
  2. Louis XV
  3. Marie Antoinette
  4. Committee of Public Safety
  5. M. Robespierre
  1. a 12 members, led by Robespierre; 2 primary duties: 1. defend France from those who would seek to stop the revolution.. 2. create a ''republic of virtue''
  2. b Louis XIV's grandson, remembered for being a very lazy king. Got france involved in many religious wars, he ran the country dry from the lavish lifestyle he was living
  3. c "man that can do no wrong" "incorruptible", incredible speaking skills, most virtuous man alive, drove the revolution off the cliff. after passed was questioned to be mentally ill
  4. d King Louis' wife, austrian, loathed by the country. very oblivious. "Hamlet of Marie Antionette"
  5. e officially (violently) marks the beginning of the French revolution

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  1. community of people living together, sharing everything
  2. a vast panic that spread quickly through France in 1789; peasant rebellions bacame part of the Great Fear; citizens, fearing invasion by foreign troops that would support the French monarchy, formed militias
  3. ruler of france from 1799-1815; made many promises to France that he would fix all their problems, almost like a dictatorship. he takes advantage of the open slot for a leader that France has
  4. Napoleon's policy of preventing trade between Great Britain and continental Europe, intended to destroy Great Britain's economy.
  5. Built many cultural aspects, very famous for Versailles. Part of the Bourbon family...ladies man

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  1. Directory5 co directors


  2. Jacobinscommunity of people living together, sharing everything


  3. National ConventionThe meeting of party delegates every four years to choose a presidential ticket and write the party's platform.


  4. Liberalcomposed of two legislative bodies


  5. Charlotte Cordayassassinated Jean-Paul Marat b/c she is convinced that the Jacobins are destroying France


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