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  1. Napoleon Bonaparte
  2. Sans-culottes
  3. Declaration of Pillnitz
  4. The Great Fear
  5. Estates-General
  1. a the promise by Austria and Prussia to protect the French monarchy
  2. b The French national assembly summoned in 1789 to remedy the financial crisis and correct abuses of the ancien regime.
  3. c ruler of france from 1799-1815; made many promises to France that he would fix all their problems, almost like a dictatorship. he takes advantage of the open slot for a leader that France has
  4. d a vast panic that spread quickly through France in 1789; peasant rebellions bacame part of the Great Fear; citizens, fearing invasion by foreign troops that would support the French monarchy, formed militias
  5. e in the French Revolution, a radical group made up of Parisian wage-earners, and small shopkeepers who wanted a greater voice in government, lower prices, and an end of food shortages

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  1. willing to accept Louis as a constitutional monarch
  2. "man that can do no wrong" "incorruptible", incredible speaking skills, most virtuous man alive, drove the revolution off the cliff. after passed was questioned to be mentally ill
  3. Built many cultural aspects, very famous for Versailles. Part of the Bourbon family...ladies man
  4. The meeting of party delegates every four years to choose a presidential ticket and write the party's platform.
  5. states the general belief of how France should treat its people-similar to our declaration.

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  1. Radicalfavoring extreme changes, especially in politics and government


  2. Plebescitehaving political or social views favoring reform and progress


  3. Moderates/"Plain"didn't have a side, could be either Jacobin or Girondist


  4. Electors5 co directors


  5. Jean Paul Maratspread word that EVERY possible thing that could go wrong was Louis fault. National assembly wants him to shut up, so he hid in the sewers and developed nasty skin condition